This and that,

My son has been doing better emotionally. He is still pretending to do his biology (I mean really,does he thinnk I don’t notice he has been recopying the same page in his lab book for the last week-he has never even brought out the microscope to look at the slides-and does he really think I will accept it when he finally shows it to me?) He likes Khan Academy and spends an hour or so looking at the videos-he never works problems,and he is listening to the Great courses I have been getting for him. Three hours of “school”. I figure I will have to graduate him following the special education guidlines when he is twenty-one. But, and this is a big but,he isn’t giving me attitude and nothing has mysteriously been broken and he cooperates when I have him do chores, his ticking has decreased somewhat so I am not going to change things.
I am officially enroled in an RN refresher course. My packet should arrive today. I will do all but the jurisprudence class via corrispondence and then I will crank out my  80 hrs of clinicals. It will be the clinicals that I will panic over. I haven’t done patient care in over fifteen years. Of course then I have to find employment;at fifty-three. I have to find a way to work and keep my son supervised which will be another issue. One step at a time. I am,most of the time, excited about returning to the world of grown-ups. It needs to be done regardless. My husband and I will have to eat when we get old and decrepit. While it would be nice I am sure,the tent with the garden hose and the bucket in the backyard my grown kids have offered just doesn’t seem all that atractive to us.
We have ducks now. They are messy and fun. Did I mention messy? We have one magpie and three black runners. I have no idea of the gender makeup yet. Hopefully it will be one male and the rest females. Hopefully.
That brings our critter total to eight chickens,four ducks,three cats,two dogs, some fish (we need to start looking for cat fish and talapia) and in mid-April, bees (here’s hoping this batch “takes”) My potatoes in the hueglekulture bed are begining to come up. Onions are planted. We still have lettuce in the aquaponics bed and most of my seedlings are doing OK. I did mold all my herbs by putting them in the little indoor green house,though. Sigh.  Live and learn.
Only one kiddo at home,though.
My husband has been the one to bring up more kids. It is usually me. If you continued to add kiddos while in your fifties (or know of anyone who did and did NOT get murdered in their bed-remember youngest,we do) please chime in. I would have to work with the next set,although if I am working my husband can perhaps take a position that isn’t sixty-seventy hours a week,and I could work part time. In my past life I was a single homeschooling parent to three traumatized children. (Two were homeschooled,the other went to “normal” school). I’ve done it beore,but I was much younger. Much younger. You see I am insane. I am actually thinking about it. A lot.
I am working out of my slump,getting a bit better perspective on life, at least I am getting a bit more philisophical about what I can and cannot fix.
It is supposed to be in the mid eighties today. It will be a good day to get outside and work on the yard. Tomorrow a cold front will come through. Such is life.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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