A better week.

I am personally doing better. The drama continues, but I am (currently) better at seperating myself from it (kind-of,sort-of). My youngest daughter did text me today to say she was not moving out of state. If she is still not moving out of state in two weeks I will breath a little easier. She will be homeless in two weeks,though. As we suspected a divorce is in the works for the family she was living with.
And yes,she can always come back home. She would just have to follow basic household rules. (no oppocite sex in bedrooms,no underage drinking,no drug use, let us know if you are going to be out late,and help with chores around the house)

My sixteen year old is doing much,much better. He spent the night with a friend last week!  He is doing his school work for the most part. He is enjoying Karate and is beginning to participate more in CAP. All of these are very,very,very big deals. He is slowly,slowly (Literally. It can take him five to fifteen minutes to form his thoughts) letting us know his feelings about things. He is still ticking some,but he seems engaged with life again.

Just to let you know my husband and I are still certifiably insane; we are seriously considering fostering.
This has nothing for our great love of CPS (sarcasm here folks) or our love of having our hearts ripped apart on a frequent basis. It comes back to that annoying voice of God saying “if not you,then who?”,followed by “Remember the widows and orphans in their distress.”

***A bit of a disclaimer here: I believe with my whole heart that God understands when we get angry with Him,when we argue with Him and when we stomp our feet and pout like little children when told things (by Him) we do not want to hear.  After all, we are His children,and children throw fits.***

In other news:

We have bees! After a false start, my brave husband and an experienced beekeeper did beekeepery things and we now have a wild hive sitting in our top bar. On Saturday my husband and son will bring the hopefully less angry bees home. This is exciting because we will have our hive up and running in the spring and will be able to harvest honey next year instead of in two years.
We also purchased a complete Aquaponics system off craigslist for a song. I set it up this morning. It came complete with gold fishies and tomato plants. I am very excited about it. We plan to raise talapia and catfish as well as veggies. The guy we bought it from has salad greens all winter long last  year
I will try and get some pictures up soon.
In our quest for more sustainability, we have chickens,a huglekulture bed begun,bees,vermiculture (worms) compost begun,and now our very first aquaponics system. Not bad,even if I do say so myself.
We also snagged a free wodden swingset for the grandkids this afternoon. The house next door is a repo-and the realtor handling the property said we could take it-so we did.

All in all a much better week.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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2 Responses to A better week.

  1. Kristin says:

    First of all, I am amazed at what you do and how you handle it all (I just found your blog a few months ago & had to read it all). Second, I am so jealous of your bees. We have chickens, a garden, worms, etc and I want bees so badly! And also, aquaponics?!? I had never considered that but I hope you update us on it so I can see if it’s a possibility – I love the idea of it!

  2. Heidi/Risa says:

    I read you every time you post and I pray for you often! I have a friend who’s son has some form of FAS/FAE. She has just realized (he’s in 8th grade!) that she doesn’t know a single other person who is going through what she does. I can’t believe the lack of support she has!! Do you know how I could help her? Is there something I’m doing wrong when I google for support groups?

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