My fifteen year old is much more like his old self now that he has been busted for cheating and is kept much closer to my side. I was finally able to get him to verbalize he began cheating when I was gone so much helping his sister. He just didn’t feel like trying-so he planned his elaborate cheating system instead. I also think banning him from most electronics has helped him as well. I will not ban him forever,although it may seem like that to him. He is banned for 7 more weeks,though. I am so mean.
My nineteen and twenty year old are now working just shy of full time. (no one is given forty hours anymore,no one.) My daughter is serving and absolutely loves it. She is a chatterer and does very well with superficial type socialization. She likes everyone and that is a definite asset in her current employment. Her brother on the other hand is busing tables and washing dishes. He does not love his job. As a matter of fact,he has begun to talk about actually maybe contacting a local community college about some training in something that does not involve dirty dishes.Time will tell if he is able to follow through. It would be nice if either one of them would want to drive. we are hoping the inconvenience of having to get up with their dad (3:30 in the morning) and then wait for their dad to get off work will help motivate them.So far they are still content.
My friendly CPS worker called to ask when we were planning on bringing our son home. Since we still cannot officially do that until after next Monday,I told her we hadn’t. We told her he was told he would be home for Christmas. I also told her I thought that since he was coming home for good,the department had to legally transport him-not us. It seems I am right. They are supposed to dot the transporting. She just didn’t want to spend six hours in the car and was hoping we did.
Youngest should-barring any further issues-be home on December 21.
Good news on the therapy front,I have found a(seemingly) competent therapist who will see Youngest! I hope this one will work out. Time will tell.
This weekend I am kidnapping all but the baby and having a pre-Christmas,lets trash grandma’s house sleepover for all the cousins. It will be crazy,but it will also be a lot of fun. So… Friday morning we have our little permanency party with CPS,Friday afternoon we do the two hour each way drive to pick up the grandchildren. I will return the grand-babies on Sunday. Monday is court. Tuesday is a half day eye appointment extravaganza and on Wednesday Youngest comes home.
I am almost done Christmas shopping. I only have to figure out a big gift for my youngest daughter and stocking stuffers. I also need to start baking. We will keep Christmas Day very low key as always-especially with the return of Youngest.
I can tell you one thing, I will throw a party (a very quiet party,but a party nonetheless) when we have CPS out of our lives in January. I know we are not going to have an easy ride.It will be nice to have some parental control back. For how long is anyone’s guess.
Once again, only time will tell.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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  1. Jeanne says:

    Praying God’s blessings on you all.

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