I didn’t mean to disapear again-but I did

The main reason is a $354.00 bill for one month’s worth of WiFi. Yes,you read that correctly. Three-hundred and fifty-four dollars!
I wanted (and still do) to cry. Our last attempt at in-home internet has been dramatically ended. My teens swear upa nd down they were not streaming anything. I know I only go to boring places that do not draw a lot of bandwidth. So….. Either the phone company is gouging us,or my teens are lying through their innocent teeth. I was lied to by the phone company (and they admitted what I was told was not true). My teens also lie to me all the time for no reason whatsoever. In the end it does not matter. The result is the same. No contact with the outside world for mama or her adolescent children I know this will hurt me more than it will hurt them.

Still no baby girl. Her eviction date is next Monday. I’m sure her mama would like to be able to put her down once in a while.

My “adult” children still have no plans for their future. They are very content to stay home and watch movies.
Will someone please tell me why they feel the need to sneak in their Netflix movies? We did check contents when my daughter was very evasive over titles when her dad asked. There was nothing we wouldn’t allow in the house,so, once again, Why?
Today we had to corner the same daughter to pay us her little bit of rent. She had tears in her eyes and made me feel like a heal.I honestly do not know what else to do. She does not want to go to school. I have even offered an extra year of home school if she or her brother wanted it. Our long standing household rule has always been,if you are not in school-you pay rent. It is less than $200 per month. Still, I hate the silent drama each month as she avoids us until we force the issue. Honestly,I still see her when she passes me sideways with her back to me.
I also know this is indicative of her emotional/cognitive level. She has a boyfriend. She wants to be treated (sometimes) as an adult. The only way to keep her even slightly honest is to charge a bit of room and board. Her brother will have his rent start in January if things do not change for him.
my nineteen year old did finally submit his essay for his Mitchel award. We forced him to. Well,we suggested rather firmly it would be in his best interest. I drove him to a friends house so he could print it out. He never proof-read it. It was kicked back by his commander. And no,he isn’t the slightest bit embarrassed.He,too,is terrified of growing up and is doing everything in his power to stay a child.
His teeth are beginning to cross over themselves again. All that time money and energy into braces and he is letting his teeth go back.
I cannot tell if he is lazy,hates the discomfort of the retainer,or upset we have done something to change his appearance. I sometimes think it is the latter.
Mr. Fifteen cheated on his school all the time I’ve been gone to his sisters. We get to go back and start over.
I. Am. Burned. Out. Over. Homeschooling. I. Am. Sick and tired of having to eagle-eye a highschool-er for hours each day to make sure he is actually doing his school. now I get to sit at the table without any internet to pass my time.

In a little over three weeks Youngest will come home on pass.
My own PTSD is kicking in. He sounds very depressed when we talk to him. as far as I know there has been no therapist since late August. There is nothing I can do about it.

I think that is all the news that is fit to print. I have a lot festering in my brain right now,but I don’t have that much time at the library today.
You will have to make do with daily drivel.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to I didn’t mean to disapear again-but I did

  1. Jeanne says:

    Praying. ❤

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