boring is good

Absolutely nothing exciting is going on. As my brother often says,”Boring is good.” We did get a boat load of yard work done yesterday. My teens/young adults tend to work like roadside construction workers-one holds the shovel while the other two bunch around and stare. After some very explicit instructions, I split them up with individual jobs. All instructions must be given in one or at most two steps at a time or they just flounder. It has always been that way. At least no one planted bamboo stakes this time…
I lost two-thirds of my roses,five trees, two holly shrubs and some assorted random landscaping we never did identify to the drought. I may have lost one of the mature peach trees as well. It is house high and I figure I will prune it way back this winter and hope it comes back in the spring. If not, my husband will have to help dig it out. We also completely cleaned out the veggie beds and placed some homemade compost and then dried leaves on top to work in over the winter. I have no intention of planting anything else this year. Next year,if the drought hasn’t broken, I will go back to container gardening so we can at least have some fresh stuff for the table. It takes a lot less water that way.
I had major sticker shock trying to set appointments to get two cats fixed with basic shots. Most of the vets were in the five to six hundred dollar range. I finally found a vet who will do both cats,keep them overnight and not charge if we pick up late the next afternoon for under three hundred dollars. While still a lot of money,it is at least doable.
Talked to youngest with his foster father in the background yelling for the phone the whole time. A girl has asked him to homecoming. I asked him if he had something to wear to the dance and he was shocked. He thought she meant the foot ball game.In reality,he should not be taking any girl anywhere,but that isn’t my call right now. I talked to two of him and my husband talked to three. All wanted to come home. It seems he had an ‘incident” last week.According to him, he and another boy were both in bad moods and wanted to fight someone so they decided to fight each other. It sounded like an amiable fight from his interpretation of events. What reality was is anyone’s guess.
The weather is wonderful. Lows in the fifties and highs in the mid eighties. All we need is rain.
I warned you things are on the boring side at the moment.
I’ll take it.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to boring is good

  1. Jeanne says:

    May all your days be blessedly boring. 🙂 Except the ones you spend playing with the grand kids.

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