I haven’t written about youngest for a while. On the whole he is doing pretty well in his foster home and in school. I am not saying he is learning anything in school or liking where he is at. I am saying he has kept his temper in check for the most part and is maintaining himself. He wants to come home. This is what he tells us is keeping him on the straight and narrow (or in his case slightly crooked). I have talked with several of him (remember he has a tentative DID diagnosis which we feel is accurate) even his gangster self wants to be home. He has been asking about the family when we speak to him and has asked me “Tell everyone I love them”.
We are cautiously optimistic.
The plan is for him to spend a long weekend home over Thanksgiving. He will be here from Tuesday until Sunday. If he is going to fray around the edges we will know by that last day. If all goes well, he will then come home for good at Christmas Break.
We are having problems with the foster dad not telling youngest we have called. He is also severely limiting the time on the phone youngest has to talk to us. The therapist has completely ignored the court order for family therapy and has not returned any of my gazillions of calls to find out why. He still has to maintain in an environment that is making no effort to accommodate his emotional needs. All of the recommendations for him to be successful are being ignored. All of them.
But,he is maintaining.
On the plus side court was held with no surprises last Monday. The Ad Litem isn’t talking to us,but the case worker sat next to us and joked with us. The Ad Litem owes me an apology for a very ugly accusation filled conversation this summer.
I am not holding my breath.
It has been a very long three years. If my son can return home homicidal ideation free,it will have been worth it. He is still a long way from healing. There are too many of him co-existing in his hormone filled fifteen year old body to say all is well. Still,he wants to be with us. He seems to miss us. He no longer wants to spend his life in prison.
It is enough to be getting on with.

As I said earlier,we are cautiously optimistic.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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  1. Jeanne says:

    Prayers continue.

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