I m back at my oldest daughter’s watching my two year old grandson and his dramatic sneezing. He even has his cars sneeze. theses are not little kerchew’s. Nor are they mid level noisy achoo’s. These are ear splitting, violent AAAAACHEEEEWWWWWWWWW’s. He is such a hoot.His mama is fine as long as she stays down. Baby girl needs to stay put until the end of next month. By November my grandson will enter the brave new world of being a big brother. I think he will do just fine.I for one am getting impatient to meet baby girl.
I was able to see my oldest son this morning as well. His six year old daughter faced the humiliation of being tardy so she could see me this morning. I bro aught them kolaches and donuts for breakfast. well the kolaches were for the adults. My four year old grandson must had six donuts before his dad caught on. Tomorrow my middle daughter will come here to her sisters to visit and I will get to see her boys as well. There simply are not words that describe the wonder of grandchildren. Even when they are rotten (and my grand kids can in fact be rotten) they are still wonderful. Perhaps joy is the best word. I love just being able to enjoy them without being the one to worry about their up bringing. I have perfect faith my children will do their best by their children.In some ways it is redeeming.
After all, I must have done something right when they are doing such a good job with their own children.
Today was day eighty-five of triple digit heat.
Still no rain. They tease us periodically with dark rain clouds on the weather,but if you actually read the forecast it is only a chance of rain. Thirty percent chance is better than none,I suppose. I think they just put the little gray clouds on there to keep us from despair. Hope,after all, is what keeps us going. Right now the entire state is hoping and praying for rain. It is simply scary how dry we are.
Youngest turns fifteen on Friday. This is the first birthday since he came home -an odd term for a child who has lived most of his time as our son somewhere else- he hasn’t been home on his birthday. Everywhere else he has been, we were able to get him a pass to come home on his birthday. This year he is just too far away for us to bring home. I won’t be baking him a cake. I won’t be making his favorite meal. He told me this makes him sad. He told me he just wants to come home. He has been in school for one week and one day and has been violence free. They have him going to regular classes in spite of the psychological that states he cannot function in that setting.I am hoping in this instant the school is right. I hate that they are not taking any of his needs into consideration. On the other hand,if he can maintain, that means he has in fact made progress. I pray he will make it.
Only time will tell.
The kids at home were left with a fairly detailed list of what needs to be done daily at home. I am hoping this will help them cope better with my absence. If not,I will deal with he fall out when I get home. They have been doing better the past few days. I can see they are making effort. That is all I ask.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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