I am waiting for my older two teens to hand me the rest of their school work. They have until July twenty-ninth. Most of it has been completed.They are simply not handing it in. I am reminding them daily (which I swore I would not do) and then I am letting them go. I will give zeros if they can’t make it the few feet from their rooms to my hand. They are so close to graduating.
This is home school for Pete’s sake. It isn’t as if they have to transport the papers to a different building. They just have to walk into the next room.
Why do the work and not turn it in?

We are still waiting on the IRS. This morning I mailed in hard copies of the very same paperwork we have either mailed or faxed to our friendly, competent government officials on three (or more depending just which papers) other occasions. We have been assigned an actual person (at least we are told this is a living being) who will actually review our information. Considering we mailed in our initial return the fourth day of February, a few more weeks- or more likely months- won’t matter much.

I am also still waiting to be given the contact information on Youngest Son’s newest therapist. He will be the one that will be determining if Youngest returns home. It is hard to make a determination like that without having spoken to one of us first.I may be getting a bit paranoid about this whole situation,but this sure feels like a deliberate attempt to sabotage. What I don’t understand is, why?

On a sweeter note,I am waiting for the homemade peach syrup I am making to reduce down. We only were able to pick about a half bushel of very small, slightly dessicated peaches off our trees. They were much to small to do much with,so I made six cups of puree to freeze and am making syrup from the leavings. I figure I can bake with it if nothing else. This is simply a horrible year for gardens. Between triple digit temperatures and the extreme drought it is scary dry around here. What has grown is under developed and very dessicated. It is almost like growing already dehydrated veggies.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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