remember that bus?

It tried to hit us again in court today. I think we jumped out of the way in time. Perhaps we just landed on the train tracks instead.
I honestly think CPS does not know how to handle literate people. We were blatantly lied to today. They used almost the same words they used on the meth heads sitting behind us to placate us.
We are not drug users and we can read.
We can also refuse to sign;which we did.
We were allowed to say our piece to the judge.
We will be back in court in three weeks in which time CPS is supposed to bring my son’s newest therapist,whom we have never met or even talked to, to verify it is in my son’s best interest to return home or to stay in care. They (CPS) are trying to say that we are not suitable to raise him. They have nothing to substantiate this. They simply thought we would relinquish and are tap dancing to remain in control. They are not used to parents who actually care to remain parents.
We did make sure it was on record that the therapist who has seen my son for months stated in writing that our son should not be placed in a foster home,but returned home. We made sure the prosecutor and the judge knew that we had requested in writing that our son return home. They now know we are therapeutically trained,experienced and capable.
Not that it matters.
Tomorrow I will try and contact the brand new therapist to set up family therapy (over the phone). Pray he is ethical.

I cannot make my son well. But the point is, he is my son. He has a mom and a dad who are committed to him. He deserves the chance to come home. He should not be purposefully subjected to stressors that are known to be too much for him.
They are setting him up to fail.

The CPS worker told us personally they think he will blow out of this placement soon and that is what they are waiting on. It will take him hurting another member of the family for this foster family to ask for his removal. They can handle anything less. We are beginning to think CPS want Youngest to blow so charges can be pressed and he will end up in kiddy prison.

There is of course much more,but this is all I am going to share right now. It took me a quite while to stop shaking after testifying.I have spent a good part of my day wanting to throw up.

This is hard.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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