summer time ,old house living,cats and kids

I am sitting in my living room watching the dogs wrestle in the back yard. We open up the house overnight and keep the air conditioning off until mid day. It is one of the benefits of living in a home that was designed and built before the wonders of air conditioning. We have had highs in the hundred degree range way too early in the year to bode well. Hot dry temperatures, high winds and very little rain. My peaches dried up on the trees. My green beans have dried up on the vine. Sigh. I am a very amateur gardener and this isn’t good for my faltering ego. I am about to give up on my summer garden and start planning my garden for fall.

One of the downsides of living in a house that is about to turn one hundred is uninvited room mates. We have mice,. We also have cats so I am not sure what is up with them. They are not earning their keep in this regard. tTo top it off,our one remaining kitten has decided that he will only use the litter box for pooping and uses my living room upholstery to pee on. I now need to re-home the kitten- which will upset the kids- and to throw away my furniture. Nothing gets cat pee out. Even if we can’t smell it,he can. I simply do not have the money to replace the furniture right now. I am unhappy to say the least. I have neutralize and scrubbed and placed in the sun and still my cushions are the place he likes to go. If he wasn’t so dang cute, he would be a very tiny violin.

The IRS is finally wanting us to send them our adoption decree. Up until now they have refused it.( I am serious. We have been told point blank not to fax it in) They also want our entire homestudy which I am not going to send them.I will send the first and last page,but not all of the personal details in between. Some things are simply not their business. We have given up on the credit actually arriving. If it happens, great. The money would be extremely helpful to us right now. If not,then we are fine as well. If they decide to fine us, they will have to garnish wages. There isn’t a whole lot of blood to be wrung out of our financial stones at the moment. I suppose they could confiscate the change jar….

Surprisingly I am not in a tizzy about Youngest. I have moments of “what on earth are we to do?” but, since we are doing what we know to do,the rest is up to God. God I have faith in. CPS and the judicial system,not so much.

My grown child in crisis is putting one foot in front of the other and getting through. Their marriage appears over and single parenthood is now a reality. We are praying for reconciliation,but that takes both parties. I do not pretend my child is blameless. I do know my child does not want this outcome. The grandchildren are being protected from the worst of it,but still it is ugly and will get worse before it gets better.

Time to get my almost high school graduates moving along. They should be done by next week.I may be dragging them kicking and screaming,but they will graduate from high school and they will learn to drive. Some day thay will thank me.
Or not.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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2 Responses to summer time ,old house living,cats and kids

  1. Jeanne says:

    Glad you’re feeling a relative peace over your youngest. Sooooo sorry about the kitten!!! I love my cats, but have had the peeing kind over the years that absolutely drove me bonkers. That has got to be the worst smell! Had it in a futon mattress frequently with one cat; saturating the spot with a bleach solution and letting it dry in the sun did make it usable, but the dumb cat kept doing it. Sigh. Maybe you could cover the cushions with a waterproof thing (tarp, shower curtain liner?) and a blanket over that?

    Praying for your grown son and his family.

    And may I be among the first to congratulate the teacher on graduating your teens. Awesome, incredible feat– not just leading the horses to water but digging the well and getting them to drink it with damaged swallowing capabilities and reflux to boot. (((((hugs))))) \\\\\\\\\applause/////////

    Praying God’s blessings on you all.

  2. IRS Lawyer says:

    Liberals who live by the sword, die by the sword. Liberals manufacture fictional crises then legislate entitlement programs around them all so that they, themselves, can use loopholes to take advantage of them. n nWarren is just one of many who have lied to take advantage of entitlements, so much so that she started believing the lies. Liberals convince themselves, and each other, that they are the only intellectuals that are doing good by the downtrodden and disadvantaged. They pat each other on the back at cocktail parties and $25K per plate fundraisers. Over time they actually convince themselves it’s all true. n

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