a short reprieve ,irs update and a cute grandchild story or two

After forty million phone calls this morning I was finally able to find out that youngest can stay where he is at until the twenty-eighth.
It sounds as if they (CPS) are trying very hard to find a RTC placement for him,but the ones he qualifies for will not accept him. At this point no one has accepted him. Something about the severity of his issues in spite of his current moderate level. No one anywhere thinks he is healed to any real degree. He has been able to modify his behavior for the last few months and that is it. He is externally motivated, not internally motivated. Still, it is the most improvement we have seen to date.
If he comes home we will do our best. That is all we can do. I still think it is better for him to come home than go into a foster or group home. The decision is not up to us-which may be for the best. I am not certain I honestly believe that,but it is something to say out loud to others.
On the IRS front, we were given another list of things to fax in that we may,or may not be able to come up with. I am beginning to hear horror stories about families, who after turning all of the cartwheels requested,were not only denied the credit,but then fined for having the audacity to “falsely” claim said credit. I do not understand this. Why offer the credit in the first place if there is no intention of fulfilling it? Why put honest,hard working families through the wringer for asking what was offered? This makes no sense to me. This is becoming almost more stress than the money is worth. We sure could use the money,though. The stress on the other hand, we have more than enough of.
We had three grandsons four and under visit this weekend. My four year old grandson was playing with his army men on the kitchen table away from his put-every-thing-in-my-mouth little brother. I told him it was about time to pick up so they could eat lunch. “You don’t want someone to think the army men are lunch and eat them,” I teased him.
“Why not,Grandma?”He answered me back.”Bad guys are tasty”.
Yesterday his cousin was about to go home and the same grandson told me he did not want to go back home. He wanted to stay at grandma’s.
I told him his mommy and daddy missed him and wanted to see him. He told me he did not miss them because they say “bad words”. Curious, I asked him just what the bad words were.
“Coconuts” was his very serious response.

So, my response to the kind understanding folks at the IRS who are making many families lives including my own a bit more interesting than they would like….


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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