odds and ends

Two of the grandkids spent the weekend. This set does not cause as many jealousy issues in the teens. Possibly because I all but raised them for the first nearly three years of their lives (while their folks worked long hours) and they bonded with them better than the other littles. I’ve never quite figured it out.
It was fun to have the littles here and not to have to worry about too much fallout. That does not mean no fallout.
We always have fallout.
On the positive side,the mysterious peeing has stopped as inexplicably as it started. Of course having a four year old little boy for the weekend did mean some extra cleaning due to age appropriate aim and creativity issues. It is easier to deal with with a four year old than a fifteen year old;plus their bladders are much smaller.
My husband has had a large schedule change at work after nearly a year of consistency. This involves working graveyards and will take a bit to get used to. I will change up our school schedule to accommodate his new hours and days off. Schedule changes always cause angst. Always. We were just getting stabilized again.
Almost a month ago I contacted a legal advocacy group in hopes of getting advise or legal representation for Youngest. Since I had not heard from them in three weeks,I had assumed Youngest was too high functioning to qualify. Last week I was contacted by a paralegal and she is going to forward our details on to the lawyers to staff!
This does not mean they will help us. It does mean we have a chance they will help us. What we are asking for is longterm placement for our son at a residential treatment center. The laws in our state insist that the children be maintained in the least restrictive environment. Our argument has always been (if not always stated in those terms) that the RTC is the only environment that our son can have any degree of success in and is therefore the least restrictive environment. We are also doing our best to prepare for the time the state insists on TPR for continued payment for our son’s care. We do not want to give the state permanent conservatorship. Once we do that he is lost. There will be no one to advocate for him.
I wish I could say he is healing and no longer a danger. I cannot. He is at least getting an education and is being kept safe from himself and from others. That is the best we can do for him. Without help,we may not be able to do even that in a few months.
Have I told you lately how much I despise our system? How I despise our little regard to our nation’s children-especially the children of our poor? It is modern day eugenics. It is pervasive. It is effective. It is sin.
I hate it.
On a totally different note…..
Dad,when I offered you ten degrees last week I was being nice. We were in the nineties and you were in the sixties. Did you have to take fifty degrees???? I think you are being a bit greedy. Yesterday it was ninety-seven when I returned the grandchildren to their parents. It is currently forty-five degrees outside. We are setting records.
The least you could do is send us some rain. It is scary dry here.
This has been a very odd year for weather.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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