hurt feelings

My youngest daughter works for her Dad. While he brought the application home, made her fill it out and then used his influence to have her hired, she has kept the job on her own. There have been a few incidences early on and last year due to her indiscretion that caused him embarrassment. Last year she was “confiding” to co-workers that her dad’s drinking worried her. He was drinking “a lot”. You can imagine just how the rumor mill circulated that one. The fact is that beside a couple of beers on his days off,he drinks very little and rarely in front of the kids.
This weekend she was telling a forty something year old co-worker how unfair we were being forcing her and her brother to learn to drive and making them pay for the training (since they will not drive with either one of us)and tossed in a few things that made me look bad.
This bothers me to no end. At no time as either she or her brother made an effort to learn to drive on their own. At no time did they come up with any alternative modes of transportation. At no time have they come to either of us and told us they think this is unfair.
She did not even choose an age mate her to tell her tale of woe.She told a fellow employee who is in her forties and has a very dysfunctional lifestyle of her own trying to garner sympathy at her dad’s expense.
This was not OK when she was twelve. She is no longer twelve.
She will be twenty years old in December.Twenty.
On the outside.
She back to being furtive about stupid things. She is trying to drive a wedge between her youngest birth brother and us. Again.
It is a good thing I am two hours away tonight or she would be getting an earful.
Not that it would do any good. In fact,it would probably do more harm than good. I will let her dad handle the employment stuff. He can’t let her triangulate at work. She is very believable.
To be honest my feeling are hurt.
They shouldn’t be. I know better.
But they still are.
It isn’t that she thinks “This will hurt my dad.” She is thinking it will get her attention and sympathy. She isn’t thinking about her dad at all.
That is the part that hurts.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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