logistics and a bit of this and that

It looks like I may be spending more time than I like away from home in the near future. My oldest daughter was told to include no bending or stooping (or working) to her restrictions. Since she has a two year old little boy,there is no way she can comply without help. Her mother-in-law is great about coming and staying,but their personalities…how to say…sometimes clash. Sometimes you just want your own mom.
I have no problem camping at my daughter’s home and helping out. The problems come in what to do with the kids at home. Do I leave my almost fifteen year old home,or drag him with me? I am not afraid of them burning the house down as much as not knowing what to do should it burn-especially my younger son.
Today I am having to remind him to blow his nose (not wipe up towards his hair line) on an every few minute basis. He is the one with the aim problem in the potty and has been overall sliding backwards for the past few weeks. Disrupting his routine in either direction will make it all worse. The other two will more than likely be fine as long as I have no expectations of anything being accomplished.
How many parents of 19,18 and nearly 15 yr olds have to figure out child care?

The new to us pool is up. It still needs to be wiped out and it will be ready to fill. My daughter was complaining it was only four foot deep. I am not sure what she expects from a free above ground pool. Besides,she is only five feet and a bit herself. We were teasing her she would have to tread water as it is. She didn’t take it well.
I am excited. It will be nice on a hot day to be able to cool off in the privacy of our back yard.

I painted the master bedroom this weekend. It looks so much better. It took a total of four tubes of caulk to seal the gaps around windows and so forth. I still need window treatments and to do something with the multi-colored (two grays and a yellow) floor in the living/family room .Project Camouflage the uglies will be completed. It has been well worth the effort. You wouldn’t know it is the same house

We have been here for five months now and it is finally feeling like home.
It fits us,foibles and all.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to logistics and a bit of this and that

  1. Jeanne says:

    It’s good to be home. 🙂

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