reality and a nice little reminder God cares and a prayer request

We have an antique range that dose not have a standing pilot for the oven. This means lighting it manually. For some reason last night it did not stay lit. I opened the oven and waved my hand around to release the pent up gas. When I went to re-light I ended up with a small fire ball that burned the hair off my hand and lower arm. It also scared me to death.(Stupid,stupid,stupid) My children doing dishes at the time laughed. Even when I,almost in tears,told them I had been burned and I could have blown up the kitchen. Never once did they ask if I was OK. They resented I got on them for laughing and didn’t interact with me much the rest of the night.
It is their dad’s birthday this coming Friday. Yesterday the two older teens (young adults) went shopping for themselves. My guess is that unless I force the issue they will not get their dad a blasted thing. I received nothing last year on my birthday because their dad does not force the issue.After nine years we would like for them to think of these things themselves.
A card would be nice.
They remember their niece and nephews,their grown siblings,but not us.
My daughter who is so close to earning her Mitchel is doing everything but writing her essay. There is nothing I can do but watch.She has no sense of how much time it takes herself to write a paper,even though I have her writting essays for school and they take weeks instead of hours.
No connection.
They have stopped doing double school.It will be August when they are finished at this rate.
I. Do. Not. Want. To. Teach. School. All. Summer. Long.
I. Am. Burned. Out. From. Teach. Repeat. Teach. Repeat.
I. Am.Tired. Of. Having. To. Sit. At. The.Table. Everyday. To Keep. Them. On. Task.
But I will.
I will grouse and complain to my long suffering husband,but I will do it.

When we thought we were going to get the mega refund for the adoption credit (which I am sure will come eventually -once every adoptive parent in the country turns enough cartwheels and stands on their head long enough…..) We had planned two frivolous purchases. One was a vacation to the beach. The other was a pool for the back yard.It is hot here in the summer and a dip in a pool when it is over 100 degrees goes a long way when you are thirty minutes from civilazation. Not a $4000+ pool, but a pool from Sams with a saline filter instead of the chlorine type. Without the refund it is out of reach.
I,undaunted, have been keeping an eye on craigslist for a used pool. Yesterday someone was giving away-as in free- a one year old, eighteen foot,rigid side pool with a saline filter system. It is the exact pool we wanted to buy.They will even hold it for us until Sunday evening when my husband can pick it up.
How cool is that!
It is easy to forget that God cares about the small things. He understands that sometimes it is the small things that encourage us when the big things are so unsettled.

If you could pray for my oldest daughter. She is about nine weeks pregnant and has begun bleeding and cramping.
Please pray that she not miscarry. She has some trouble carrying her babies,but has always made it to term with some help from medication and bed-rest. Pray this is no different.
What makes it even harder, we are almost a week from the anniversary of her oldest son Kenneth’s death. He would be four this year.
She is handling the scare well. She told me she knows she is pregnant because it wasn’t the bleeding and cramping,or the loss of money due to her inability work that set her over the edge. It was going for the ice cream bars in the freezer and finding an empty box.
She is so much my daughter.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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2 Responses to reality and a nice little reminder God cares and a prayer request

  1. Jeanne says:


    And thanking God for those moments when you know, “Yes, he knows exactly who I am, and he CARES.”

  2. Charlotte says:

    I totally know what you mean about teaching and being burned out. Last summer was the first summer I didn’t have to teach in many years. I was running after the 2yo though, so it wasn’t restful. The girls had to do their math, but Teaching Textbooks taught for me. This summer they are thrilled to say that they don’t have to do school work and I am even more thrilled. It was incentive for them to work very hard and get their math done this year. However no incentive seems to be enough to potty train the little 3yo. He discusses, but does not comply. Sure hope I don’t have a mad pee-er.

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