what i still do

Even though my youngest child at home is almost fifteen,I still do many things you would expect of a parent of much younger children. Yes,I do have angst over this. Yes,I do wonder sometimes if it it the cause and not the response. Nevertheless, it seems to be where everyone is at.
I still remind my son to brush his teeth. Every night after his shower he is asked if he brushed his fangs. About seventy percent of the time the answer is “Not yet”. If I don’t make him go directly into the bathroom and brush, he will forget again. His older brother is not brushing either. One would think having the orthodontist tech cut his swollen gums away from his wires every six weeks would be catalyst for oral hygiene (not to mention the embarrassment). It isn’t.
I still remind my boys to use shampoo and soap during showers,although this is often after the fact when they still smell bad or their hair is slimy.
I remind my children to drink water-or anything-during the day,to take their vitamin,to eat lunch (on bad days),to wash their clothes (mainly the youngest of the bunch),to change their sheets-including pillow cases- and to put the sheets back on their beds.
If there is no bread in the bread box it often doesn’t exist. If the fruit is in the fridge instead of the bowlon the table (as often is the case once the weather turns hot) it will not get eaten.
I still give a weather report each morning and if there has been a large temperature change I tell my sons to either dress warmer or take off their hoodies.(it can be nintey and they will wear their jackets. Likewise, it can turn cold and they will sit and freeze half the time. My daughter is only somewhat better.
If it turns cold, they will leave the windows open and turn the heat on. If it turns hot, they will leave the heat on and the house closed up.
I still give fifteen minute warnings if we need to leave the house.
I still remind them multiple times if our routine is about to change for the day. I start this well in advance if possible.
I still have to double check chores.
I still have to double check words spoken-they still lie for no reason whatsoever.
I still try and engage them in conversations (my personal hardship-they simply do not have conversations about anything spontaneously).
I still monitor internal stress levels and make changes if needed.
I still thank them for everything they do-even the daily pick-up-after-yourself stuff.
I still tell them I am proud of them when they work hard.
I still tell them I love them many times a day.
I still grieve for the harm done.
I still fear for their futures.
I still thank God daily that they are my children.
I would not know what to do without them in my life.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to what i still do

  1. Jeanne says:

    And that just makes me smile, knowing that God placed you in your children’s lives because he loves them so very much.

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