things that make one say,”hmm”

As I mentioned in passing yesterday,my older two teens here at home have finally decided to try and graduate. This year. They have been doing double science and my son double math as well for an entire week now. They have been finishing up at the same time of day.
What they have been forgetting was their Spanish and their reading.That explains how they have been finishing. That doesn’t correlate with them graduating,however.
I asked my eighteen year old son what his plans were after graduation. He told me he was going to work two jobs. Only one small problem;he doesn’t drive. We live thirty minutes from civilization.
“How are you going to get there?” I asked him. He just stared at me in reply.
My almost fifteen year old has been walking around in shoes one and a half sizes too small. He has been asked if his shoes still fit since he’s begun his growth spurt. Always he responds with the same answer. His shoes fit fine. I should have checked where his toes were at like I did when he was small. He went from a seven and a half to a nine. His feet had to have been hurting. Or not,I suppose. He doesn’t feel physical stimuli very accurately. I should remember he really isn’t almost fifteen on the inside. It is hard when he is growing whiskers (mainly in his chin dimple) and his voice is deep.
This same son stood in a kitchen filled with smoke and never bothered to tell anyone the pan on the stove had boiled dry enough to burn the pan itself.His dad and I heard the fire alarm and came to investigate. His older siblings were in adjacent rooms and ignored both the smoke and the alarm(. I had left him by himself a few weeks before for twelve hours!!!!!!)
Every week when we pick up the kids from CAP we ask them if there is anything extra curricular going on and if they want to be involved. This is so we can coordinate transportation and the like. Every week they tell us “No”.
This week they mentioned that they were going to be in three different locations on the next three subsequent Saturdays -and no they hadn’t ask off at work,nor had they thought about how they would get there.I know they forgot those pesky little details. Just like they forgot to tell us these long planned, yearly events were coming up-even though we asked. Repeatedly. They were a bit miffed when their dad told them it was too late to be taken off the schedule at work.
My eighteen year old son has been a bit obsessed with alcohol lately. He has even gone as far as to tell his dad it is legal for him to drink if he does it at home with his parents. Um. No son. I finally had enough and reminded not only this son but his siblings as well they were all drug and alcohol exposed in utero and the chances of them not being instantly addicted were slim to none. My son’s response was an irritated “We know”. And yet he still goes on and on about alcohol.
FAS is not outgrown.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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