family therapy and a very serious,fall on your face and plead for God to interceed prayer request.

I honestly believe my son has decided to heal. This does not mean he is ready to come home. This means that now,for the first time in his traumatized life, he wants a family for himself and is willing to do the work he needs to do to come home. He is beginning to begin to trust us.
This would be wonderful except for one very large fly in the ointment.
Tomorrow we find out (by the back door of course) if CPS will grant our son a waiver to stay were he is until the school year ends, agree to send him to a less restrictive RTC or place him into a therapeutic foster home(We are a licensed therapeutic foster home by the way. The irony does not escape us). Option A would be best for Youngest. Option B would not set him back and would allow a long transition home with lots of helps for him in managing his behaviors. Option C would destroy everything we have all worked so hard for.
CPS wants option C.
We are desperately praying for God to intercede on Youngest’s behalf. This would mean for CPS to act out of character and do what is best for the child;for my child.
Today we again took youngest off campus for a little while. We took him to a park by a creek and he and his dad skipped stones. He talked a bit about his younger birth brother. He was relaxed and watched the herons swoop down to the water and the hawks circle in the sky overhead. When family became a bit too overwhelming, he wandered off by himself for a bit-never too far. Before we took him out, he cuddled up to me in session,holding my hand with his head on my shoulder. This is all such a big deal. Words cannot portray just how significant a change this is.
I am asking you to pray with us for the next twenty-four hours that God’s Will for my son prevail over CPS’s plans (which feels like satan to us right now; overly dramatic,I know). My son is worth fighting for. His soul is worth fighting for.
His future is worth fighting for.
But he cannot come home.
Not yet.
It is too soon.
Way too soon.
We need time.
More importantly,he needs time.
Thank you for praying.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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2 Responses to family therapy and a very serious,fall on your face and plead for God to interceed prayer request.

  1. Jeanne says:

    God, Please. We know you love this boy. Please surround him with your angels and protect him. Guide the hearts of everyone making decisions that will affect his life. The fact that he is beginning to begin to heal is so big, Lord, it could only be you at work in his heart. Take it all the way, Lord. Please. Please, Lord, we ask you in the name of your son for this intervention. Please.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog today and read this post. It was as if I was reading about our own situation just months ago. It really is too long a story to tell and it is irrelevant either way. I just wanted to encourage you that the Lord is in this situation. I wouldn’t have believed that myself in November but he worked an absolute miracle. SRS dropped their case to have our son removed from a RTC and placed in a therapeutic foster home (which we were at the time, also). I appealed their decision to the highest hearing in the state and literally less than 24 hours before we were to appear in court for a final decision, SRS notified the court that they had made a procedural error when screening T-Man and they were dropping the case. He was able to remain at the RTC until he completed his treatment and was ready to come home. I believe that God is in this for you too. Be encouraged that regardless of the outcome today, He will reign over this situation. Praying for miracles for your family today…

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