tax man and craigslist finds

As most everyone in the adoption world now knows,the adoption tax credit is real and will be coming to your bank account courtesy of the IRS soon. We only have one child that qualifies. I found out that if I would have ignored what I was told in 2002 and applied for the credit (which decreased tax liability at that time-something our income was too low to worry about) and carried it forward through the years we could have received those monies as well. Not that I am complaining. I’m not. The single credit is enough to cause us consternation. We are going to have to pray hard over its best use. I have never had a windfall before. This is a new experience for me.It is almost as stressful as having no money-that I am used to. I am so afraid of spending it foolishly.
We are obviously going to pay off the debt we incurred moving and paying for fuzzy mutt’s broken leg. Other than that we are unsure. It is one thing to spend mythical millions in one’s head. It is another thing to have a few grand soon to be in the bank to distribute. The past couple of years have been filled with loss;emotional and financial. Blessings have been spiritual more than tangible.(Which is as it should be.) My normal reaction with extra is to give it away. I feel this time we should be using it to prepare for the near (and far) future for our household. The kids already tease me about our full pantry.They remind me about my gullibility with y2k. (I will have it be known I did not buy a years supply of MRE’s. I did buy wheat and lamp oil and was slightly disappointed when the lights stayed on.) I learned things eleven years ago. I learned how much money I saved shopping in bulk. I learned that when we lost electricity due to storms that oil lamps work much better than candles.
I love Craigslist. We have found some wonderful deals there. My very cool stove comes to mind.
Anyway,our house came with some interesting light fixtures. In the entry hall and the dinning room were two very ornate cheaply done Empire reproductions.A lot of fake shiny gold. They just did not look right against an old acoustic tile ceiling in a mid teens bungalow. The flowered ceiling medallions did not help. In the kitchen was/is a white, grease coated ceiling fan from the mid eighties that has proven impossible to clean.
For about twenty dollars per fixture we now have a schoolhouse light fixture for the entry hall,a much more tasteful and appropriate chandelier for the dining room and a Tiffany style fixture for the kitchen. I priced the fixtures new and we have nearly six-hundred dollars worth of attractive lighting for a bit more than sixty dollars. Now that’s a bargain.
I love Craigslist!


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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