painting fools and other bits and peices of a mundane life

Or just fools. We have three and three-fourths rooms painted. Since this is an old house, there are a lot of windows and doors per room. The kitchen has four windows and two doors. The dinning room has three windows and four doors. The family room has three windows and five doors;four windows if you count the window in the door leading to the utility room. You get the idea. That is a lot of cutting in and trim work. We have gone through twelve tubes of caulk as well. I want to finish the one-fourth of the dining room and paint the family room,entry hall and bathroom before calling this painting frenzy complete. That will only leave the master bedroom,utility room and the little- yellow-room-that-is-supposed-to-be-a-bedroom-but-is only-seven-by-nine-with-a-built-out-closet left for the next painting extravaganza.

I love my Chambers stove. One of the selling points for us when we purchased the 1951 Chambers stove was the “cook with the gas off” feature. I mean,how cool is that? Like all new things(if a sixty year old stove can be called new), there is a learning curve. I attempted the “cook with the gas off” technique for our Christmas Eve dinner with less than stellar results. I am proud to say I have finally mastered gas-less cooking. Last night I roasted a pork loin and baby red potatoes by only heating the oven for fifteen minutes and turning the gas completely off. In less than two hours the meal was done to perfection. I was so excited. It works! In all honesty, this is the best range I have ever cooked on.My baked goods come out so well I am impressing myself. I also bless the previous owner who had the foresight to put this baby on casters. I was able to roll all three hundred and fifty pounds around my kitchen by my lonesome in order to paint behind it.

Our weather is making me sick. Literally. On Wednesday we had a high of sixty-three degrees. It was a beautiful day to go hiking. Thursday night it was nineteen degrees. We will be in the thirty’s tonight ,but will have highs close to seventy by mid-week. There is a reason they call this pneumonia weather.
(Yes dad, I am whining about the weather again. Not that I am expecting any sympathy for my frozen self or anything…)

Slowly but surely we are making this house home. I know some would say that seven weeks hasn’t been that much time. For us it has taken about a month too long.Part the teen’s regression problem is caused by the disarray. The fact every room was/is a sort of industrial beige with a darker beige trim does not help.It is a life force sucking color beige. If I was to name either the main or the trim color for a paint company that is what I would name them. Life Force Sucking Beige1 and Life Force Sucking Beige 2. The kids feel better now that their rooms are “theirs”. It is amazing what a little color can do to make a house a home. I will borrow a camera and post pictures when we are done. I should probably take some before shots before the before becomes painted over. The you too can look at some of the work done by the previous occupants and ask yourselves, “why?”.
See, I told you our life was mundane.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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1 Response to painting fools and other bits and peices of a mundane life

  1. Jeanne says:

    Looking forward to the pictures!

    LFSB-1 and -2 sound like horrible colors. Good for you for painting! 🙂 Our house exterior was a sterile vanilla stucco like every other house in the neighborhood when we moved in, made even more sterile by the fact that there is no such thing as a lawn in Tucson… everybody has “landscape rock” covering the dirt in their front yards. I was so thankful when we finally painted the house sage green. Likewise, every interior wall was plain white. Oh, how I hate white walls! Over the years we have painted some of the rooms, but you are so wise to do it now. It is so much nicer to be surrounded by beauty than blandness!

    I think God agrees… even in Tucson, the natural areas are full of beautiful color, from spectacular desert sunsets to brilliantly blooming cactus. What possesses anyone to create an environment of life-force-sucking colorlessness– on purpose– is beyond me!

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