odds and ends and an update on youngest

My daughter and I stayed up to watch the lunar eclipse last night. It was a perfect night. The clouds were non-existent. The stars were bright. It was worth losing some sleep to see. My daughter actually gave me a big hug afterwards.Spontaneous affection is rare with her. She is not a huggy person.
We are doing three days of school this week. We missed so much moving,and I was getting heartily sick of the kids sleeping in until afternoon and playing video games or sneaking movies on the laptop in their rooms,I decided they needed a return to normality. Both boys are struggling with their math,forgetting basics and the like. This is to be expected although it always makes me sad when my fourteen year old forgets bhow to do his basic arithmetic. I have noticed a huge attitude shift for the better with the return of our basic schedule.
Tomorrow I will finish up shopping for Christmas. I need to go up to the post office and pick up the Amazon order. The postmaster is an elderly man who is as crotchety as they come. We ended up needing a PO box due to there being no actual physical mailbox. If we opted to put a mail box in it would have to be one street over. Don’t ask me why,I haven’t a clue. Anyway,this old fart gave me grief about putting our forwarded mail into the box. We are the only new resident and the only family with our surname. He quoted regulations at me. (our mail was forwarded to our physical address originally due to our ignorance as to the absence of a mail box)I ended up having my husband go up and ask him. He was as nice as can be to my husband. He simply doesn’t like women,which in turn makes him very unpleasant to deal with. I wish I could send one of the kids up,but the packages are for them. I would hate for them to be able to guess the contents based on the return addresses. On the other hand,They aren’t all that good at putting two and two together and I wouldn’t have to deal with Mr.Grump.
I have a little bit of Christmas baking done. Nothing at all like years past. I had better plan my menu soon as well. The grown kids were originally coming this Thursday for our Christmas with them and the grandchildren. It has been postponed a week due to my grandsons cancer testing. That was to be our big meal. Now I need to plan something special for the kids at home. They missed having Thanksgiving at home. It was the food they missed. I need to make up for that. Normally I enjoy cooking big meals.,but the move has left me discombobulated.I am not all that gun-ho to do the mega meal right now.
Back to our return to school…
My eighteen year old son has a propensity to cheat on his math . He is very,very good at cheating. At our old home I could see him work, but his back was to me. At this house I am planted at the dining room table directly across from him. It is the only place to plug in my elderly laptop and still keep an eye on my scholars. Today he redid yesterday’s lesson due to missed answers;odds yesterday, evens today. I caught him looking a bit panicked yesterday when I planted myself at the table. Today was the same. Before the move he was missing an average of one or two problems a lesson,,math errors mainly, and getting mostly ninety’s on his tests. Yesterday he missed six. Today he still missed four. They were not simple math errors. They were the type of error that let me know he doesn’t have the concepts down. These are things that make a teaching mom say “hmmm”. It could very well be the gap of time and his ARND. It could also be he was cheating a good bit during the fall and cannot do that now. I will not say a word about it. He will rework his mistakes and re-watch his lesson and I will sit right here keeping him honest.
Two thirds of parenting alcohol exposed kids is not giving them the opportunity to fail (or cheat,or do drugs,or run the roads…).

Yesterday I called the RTC where youngest resides to arrange a couple hour pass off campus for him on Christmas Eve. We thought we would take him out for lunch and if the weather cooperated, to the park to walk beside the river. He likes that.We have some gifts for him.Simple gifts;a new jacket,hygiene items and a complicated paper airplane book. Unfortunately, my son is not allowed off campus and may not be allowed to have us visit him. We need to call Friday morning to make sure he can sit with us at all. It seems that besides collecting his poop and placing it in other resident’s shoes(have I mentioned he is fourteen years old?) and prized belongings,he has also made sexual comments about female staff members. While unpleasant, these are not the reasons he has lost all privileges. He is back to threatening to slit throats and kill others when his will is thwarted. In a perverse way it is good he has finally blown. Now the ‘professionals” can see what we deal with at home. Perhaps they can find a way to work with him. I am a bit worried CPS will pull his placement come the end of February,but we will face that as it comes.
I am trying to pick out paint colors for the interior.Fresh paint in something besides industrial beige will do wonders for the old girl. There is also one floor that the paint hasn’t been stripped off of yet. I am planning on tackling that first of the year as well. It is in the living/family room and is currently battleship gray and a sort of geometric pattern (with wavy lines) of yellow at one end. It is one more of those things in which we look at and say “why?”.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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