we’re online

We have found a solution to our internet issues that does not involve dial-up. We have found a cell phone company that serves this area with a create-your-own-hot-spot. It works! We have broadband and wireless and I feel connected to the world again.
It is hard to be home all day with people who do not talk to you. It isn’t the silent treatment. They just have never been kids to have conversations with. They respond when spoken to. They laugh and banter a bit. They do not share their hearts,interests or even their days without serious effort on the part of their dad or me.
It gets old.
My brain begins to atrophy.
Remember parenting toddlers? It is the same feeling.
The older two babysat for their neice and nephew last night and so are gone until today. That left my fourteen year old home alone all day. His color looked off to me so I asked him if he felt OK. Was he sick?
No,he said. His throat had hurt for the last few days but he felt fine now. I asked him why he didn’t tell me he was feeling sick. He simply stared at me.
I reminded him that I cannot read minds. I reminded him that he is important to me. He continued to stare.
He feels his pain now-some of the time at least. This is another if-mom-really-and truely-loved-and-cared about-me-she-would know without-me-saying type of issue. It is a test I cannot win.
We need to buy our Christmas gifts soon. The other two have given us reasonable lists with a variety of options. This son has a list of books we already own and he has read three hundred million times and video games. Mostly video and computer games. It is his only interest. He isn’t reading,really. When he does read, it is to reread books he has re-read for the last two years. He has no other interests and we do not know what to do. In the past we have given him gifts to spark interests,or gifts that all boys seem to love (air soft guns and the like).They sit in his room,untouched.

What kind of gift do you give a young teen with not one interest? We are not going to buy him a video game. It would be like buying a bottle of booze for an alcoholic. We have found him the books on his list. He could probably use a wallet. We have most board games known to man already. Strategy games are painful with this set-no Settlers of Catan for them.
What on Earth do we do for him?
I honestly do not have a clue.
I suppose I should get my backside in gear and get to work around here.
I would love to sit in my robe and drink coffee all day catching up,but then nothing would get done. It is hard to be the grown up.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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3 Responses to we’re online

  1. Heidi/Risa says:

    A camera? For your youngest-at-home? Just a thought…

  2. Pam C says:

    Adventures in Odyssey stories on CD? (by Focus on the Family) Or perhaps other books on CD or radio theater

  3. Jeanne Holt says:

    So glad you’re back online! 🙂

    DVD of a decent movie?

    If it were my son, I might go with a case of Dr Pepper, a summer sausage or a jar of M&M’s… any kind of consumable treat he likes but doesn’t normally get and that he wouldn’t have to share.

    Good luck.

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