i’m back-sort of

We are pretty much moved and almost settled in. Unfortunately,internet is not included at this point. I am at the library trying to reconnect with the rest of the world. It is amazing just how dependent I have become on broadband-or anyband for that matter. We will have to resort to dial-up. This is almost a calamity!
I has not been an uneventful transition. My washer died. My puppy broke her leg and our bank account. Mr. fourteen year old has been more sideways than not,needing to be reminded to eat and brush his teeth again. On the plus side, our Christmas tree is up and decorated. My house is ninety-percent put together, and our neat-o,cool antique stove was installed yesterday.
Today I took our puppy to the vet to find out that we cannot in any way shape of form afford the surgery she really needs to set her leg. We will have to splint and pray for adequate healing. She is already costing over the one-thousand mark and climbing. In a rational universe we would not be spending that amount of money we do not have on an animal. We are not rational people. Besides, she is so darn cute and very sweet. Eating is overrated anyway.
I also had the privilege of spending part of my afternoon at the laundry mat. (which I had to call my husband at work to find for me,since we do not have any internet) There is nothing like feeding that many quarters into machines only to have your whites turn gray to justify buying a new washer. It is my fault our washer died. It was off-balance(which I knew,but used it anyway),walked across the floor and drowned it’s circuit panel. I think it committed suicide.
All in all our move to save money is costing us a pretty penny.
On the other hand, I love our house with all of it’s quirks. The yard will be very nice once we have time to cut back all of the overgrowth. There is room to do everything we have wanted to do for a very long time. The inside is a finish carpenter’s version of hell,however. The owner opting to overlap his crown molding rather than cut it among other interesting finds.
We will be getting some semblance of internet in the next week-I hope. It will be painfully slow,but at least it will be there.
Youngest is calling home and has decided we might do as parents now that Christmas is fast approaching. He is wanting gifts,I know. He is going to be sorely disappointed this year. We are putting a bow on the dog and calling it good. We will find some inexpensive things to put under the tree and eat heavenly foods,but the consumer extravaganza is not happening this year. The kids at home understand,sort of.Money does not have a lot of meaning to them,so the lack of it does not compute as well. They are not greedy,however,and have always been happy no matter what they are given. Youngest will not be happy. But then,he is never happy no matter what he is given. There is much I could write about this son. I think I will save it for another time.
More is going well,than not. As the weeks go by,even my older fourteen year old will settle in and begin to function again.
I caught him and his brother actually running around the backyard chasing each other having a grand time. It has been since we last lived in the country since I have seen either brother have fun like that spontaneously. That in and of itself makes the upheaval worth it.
In other news my daughter turned nineteen yesterday. We will celebrate on Thursday.It seems like yesterday she was a tiny,elfin,ten year old carrying her backpack with her wherever she went. That backpack held all of her worldly possessions and weighted more than she did. I am forever grateful she became my daughter.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to i’m back-sort of

  1. Jeanne Holt says:

    So glad you’re back!

    Sorry about the puppy’s leg. And the washer.

    Your house sounds like home. 🙂

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