I hate moving

In case anyone thought differently, I do in fact hate,despise,deplore,abhor moving.
Moving with three alcohol effected teenager who tend to hold onto everything they have ever owned and then some is interesting to say the least. We’re getting there.We are in the house is two-thirds packed up and in total disarray stage of the moving proccess. This is also a good place to be with alcohol effected teens. (that was sarcasm).
We will be just fine once we are moved. I do not doubt this is what we need to do. I just wish it could be done for me. I never have much sympathy for those who have movers and packers and all that jazz. That is not moving. That is having someone move for you. (Not that I’m jealous or anything.)
On a different note, I have always wanted an antique stove. I don’t even know why,but I always have. The house we are moving to has a perfect kitchen for such a stove. Yesterday we found my dream stove for less than the cost of a cheap new one. It is in pristine condition except for one handle. I am so excited! (it really doesn’t take much to make me happy) For all you green folks,it will use one third of the gas-propane in our case-as a new stove. One -third. Plus it just looks cool!
I did have a disturbing phone call from youngest this afternoon. I also get to do the court thing by myself tomorrow. I think I will wait and talk about all the negative in one fell swoop. For today I will go back to packing and reminding my teenagers that they really do not need to keep their old underwear from when they were ten. Nor do they need school papers from the sixth grade. They will be alright if they throw those things away. Honest.
Dad,if you are reading this,your granddaughter just packed the multicolored crayons you bought for her when she was twelve. She’s been carrying them around all this time. It seems she will continue to carry them around for a few more years. I bet when you bought them for her you never thought they would become a family heirloom.
Here is a picture of my new cooking apparatus-except it isn’t mine,mine is white.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to I hate moving

  1. Jeanne Holt says:

    Love the stove! If it fits in with your kitchen, I love your new house, too. šŸ™‚ Hope it feels like home the minute you all walk in the door.

    I pray that the just-rightness of your new home reminds you every day that God loves you and cares about every detail of your life, and your children’s lives. He knows what your future holds, just as when five years ago he knew about this house that he would bless you with now.

    Praying for you all.

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