just a nice day

Our weather has been down right beautiful lately and today is no exception. All of my roses have begun blooming again. My daughter cut about a dozen blooms and they are in vases in my dinning/kitchen/living room. If my camera worked I would show you just how gorgeous they are. Instead you will have to imagine.
School has gone well today. Everyone is working well. Nary a tick is sight. The kids are cheerful and the boys are beyond obnoxious (in a good way).
God has,I believe, blessed us with an answer our housing/financial dilemma.
Last Monday as we drove back from court, my husband and I talked about how it was good we lived where we did with all of the police and court involvement with youngest over the last two plus years. My husband asked me if I ever thought that perhaps we were just in this house for youngest. It has seemed over the years that God has moved us to be in the right place to help various people and then moved us on. I told my husband with perhaps more emotion than I realized I felt that it would be nice if we could get a house for us next time. I said this because the house we live in is not really us. We knew when we saw it that it was the house we were supposed to buy. It is a nice house. Now it is too much house for our lessoning budget and we cannot sell it because it is worth less than what we owe. This leaves us with another set of no win choices.
Enter God.
I believe,we believe, He may be giving us “our” house. Not in the way we thought to get it. This isn’t conventional at all. It is the house we wanted to buy. It has everything on my husband’s and my wish list for a house.It is a bungalow.(my personal dream home-I love old homes,bungalows especially) It isn’t a perfect house,but it is exactly what we wanted (for half the price of our current living expenses). It is very much a God thing if this works out. We will know on Friday. If not,well that is OK too.
All I know is I feel at peace for the first time in months.
It is a good feeling.
And the roses smell wonderful.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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2 Responses to just a nice day

  1. Summersnow says:

    Wonderful! Praying that you receive good news on Friday.

  2. Jeanne Holt says:


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