school;”you mean I really have to do it?”

It is that time of year again.
Except we really haven’t finished up all of last year. I find it ironic that I have all the angst here. My teens have no angst over their futures whatsoever. I guess I am the only one a bit worried. My going on nineteen year old and my soon to be eighteen year old would prefer to spend their time texting, listening to music,messing around on the computer and playing video games.
I would prefer they finish their blasted school.
I am so tired of their lack of follow through (meaning: doing anything on their own without my boot in their back),I have decided that if they continue to give me a poor product (well below their capability,lying about completing and then acting shocked when I ask to see said work-as I do each time) I will ban all electronic stimulation from my house. This will include personal electronics paid for by my teens and will include those who have chronologically reached the age of majority. It will be a six month ban. I am as serious as a heart attack.
This was explained to my teens last night. My fourteen year old (fourteen years old, mind you) cried and let the snot run into his mouth. My older teens tried giving me the silent treatment.
I suggested an easy solution for them-DO YOUR BLASTED WORK.
They were also reminded for the three hundred millionth time that last years school is due this week. My fourteen year old is finished with his and will have this week off. His siblings are not finished,although there is no reason for my son not to be. All he had left was his reading. He reads voraciously-just not his school reading (We use Sonlight. He likes the books. He just doesn’t want to read them because he is required to)
My daughter has math to finish. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been doing her reading either.
This morning was a brand new day. They were shocked that I mean what I say. Shocked!
I always mean what I say. I am consistent 95% of the time. The 5% I am not is usually because of outside circumstances. I work hard at being consistent.
My older two are completely hacked off at me because they have to-gasp-do their school work.
I am frustrated with the both of them. I am frustrated because my fourteen year old is following them and I have to pull teeth with him now as well.
I know that many parents that deal with adoption issues and FAS unschool,or at least are very relaxed. I used to be much more relaxed with my older kids. My older kids were neurotypical. They did not have to repeat a concept forty gazillion times for it to sink in.
This isn’t the case with their younger siblings.
I am also very careful with their cirriculum choices. It is hand tailored to their abilities. It is grade level. I am very sure it isn’t too much. They only have four subjects a year. Four. Not six. Not eight. Four. We are structured. I know in my heart of hearts they can handle what I assign.
The funny thing is how proud they are of themselves once they buckle down and do their work well.

It irritates me when they are mad at me for holding them accountable.
They get lazy (their words,not mine). I get blamed.
Their complete lack of ambition concerns me.
At least their tantrums are silent. It may aggravate the snot out of me, even hurt my feelings,but I remain unharmed. The house remains calm.
It could be worse.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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