this, that, and the other

We are almost to the end of our punch list,or the-things-we-need-to-do-before-youngest-comes-home. Household projects have a way of multiplying. We finished all the mill work and painted the downstairs this weekend. Those who know us understand just what an accomplishment mill work is for my husband. He puts the D in dyslexia. Mitering molding can be frustrating if you keep flipping the cuts. I am proud to say that we didn’t even need the two extra pieces we purchased as insurance. I started out painting the two doors (one of which has been waiting for molding and paint since we made the room last year-sorry daughter. We did get to you eventually) Painting two doors led to the realization that all the interior doors should be painted,which lead to the realization that the kitchen and hallway needed touched up,which led to…..
We have added washing down the exterior and painting the exterior trim to our punch list. While up on the ladder we (well, my husband actually;I don’t do ladders well) will probably add washing the upstairs windows and finally fixing the screen youngest mangled right before he was escorted away last year. That is next week’s chore. Door locks will be done right before youngest is released on the off chance he blows up and doesn’t come home. That should be it.Well, that and remove all the grandkids toys from Youngest’s room. It has been used as a guest room this past year and it is where the grandkids sleep when they visit. I am putting that off until the last minute as well. Although I should probably shampoo the upstairs carpets before he comes home… Then we’ll be done.

The last day of the month is my nearly fourteen year olds birthday. To give you an idea of how stressed he is over his brothers imminent return,he cannot tell us what he wants. He cannot tell us what he wants for a gift. He cannot tell us what type of dessert he wants. He cannot tell us what he wants for his birthday meal.
When we ask him these things he freezes into his deer-in-the-headlights look. If you looked at his face you would think he was being called to the carpet over some infraction-not asked if he wants chocolate cake or perhaps a cheesecake for his birthday. Even when he first came home and was barely verbal he could tell us what he wanted for his birthday meal. (Rice and beans. Being a Yankee by birth, I thought he meant baked beans He was such a sweet little thing, he just looked confused and ate his baked beans without complaint.) (I can now cook a mess of pintos or black beans like a pro.)
He has no real interests except video games. We have more than enough video games. At least one of his grown siblings will get him one anyway. We are at a total loss. Every gift he received last year has never been used. Even the air soft gun sits unused on his shelf. One daughter suggested the local water park. Tickets are now $50 a shot and beyond our budget. The local theme park is half that price. We are concerned he would become overstimulated and shut down. We may risk it,though. He may find he loves roller coasters. We truely are at a loss.
My visit with youngest was fairly uneventful. He is back into gansta mode. I simply asked him if the return of the attitude was because he was nervous about coming home. He denied being nervous. I told him it was normal to be nervous. Most people would be. He tried to posture, but I didn’t react to him. I didn’t even raise an eyebrow. By the end of the visit, he was subdued and gave me a hug without flatulence.
He didn’t need to pass gas.
He hasn’t been using soap.
Today I am off to visit my oldest and her son. A little toddler time should put me in better spirits. This daughter was my fit thrower as a child. Every time her son tells her “no”, I smile.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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