doing better and my gardening buddy

All parents of adolescents tend to ride along on the hormone highway whether they want to or not. There is only so much objectivity one can possess when living in a houseful of teens. If the teens all have adoption issues and fetal alcohol exposure the highway becomes a roller coaster.
I used to like roller coasters.
My daughter who was so hateful in her indifference, apologized to me for being ugly. This is not an everyday occurrence (the apologizing that is). She was able to tell me that everything gets jumbled up in her head and then she acts “weird”. For her this was a tremendous amount of insight. We still have some issues that make me more than nervous,but at least she is pleasant to be in the room with again.
The interesting thing in all this is her youngest birth sibling distanced himself from her (as did her other brother). He always,always,always feels what she feels and gets mad at me when she is mad at me. I cannot remember another time he was upset with her for her treatment of me.He always mirrors her emotions. This week he did not. This time he kept his distance and did not get in trouble for her. I am wondering if that got her attention somewhat. For that matter, both boys were unusually kind to me this past weekend. I am thankful for their kindness.
I have been trying to encourage my thirteen year old to be my gardening buddy. At 5’1″ and seventy-four pounds,it isn’t his muscles I am interested in as much as his company. I was hoping this could be something that could be ours to share. I think it can be if I can remember to not give more than two step instructions or expect him to remember what to water or weed without me right by his side. He is cheerful and works hard. These are pluses. I just can’t tell him to dig out a dead plant and put a new one in it’s place and expect him to remember to remove the plastic pot first.
He watered the stakes he planted last weekend. I may have the first crop of bamboo stakes and plastic pots in our state.
He makes me shake my head sometimes.
He also never fails to make me smile.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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