regressing right along with him

I have completely revamped my thirteen year old’s school day-again. I should have done this months ago. Sometimes I’m not that bright. I have put away his Sonlight completely.I had already pared it down considerably. It grieves me to do so. I love the core he was supposed to be doing (Core 5 for those who want to know). In theory it should have worked for him.It is geared for a bright fifth grader. In reality it was too open ended. Even with the syllabus,the questions with the reading mapped out for him,and the actual answers where he could readily find them; it was too much. I am returning to the way I have taught him since he was seven. He has math (then bounce on the trampoline) followed by English (then bounce on the trampoline) followed by science (then bounce on the trampoline)finishing up with reading a book I choose and building with his K’nex.
The question isn’t when will he learn,but when will I learn. He might be able to handle the school I wish if,and it is a big if,he has no other stress in his life. Since many things stress this child out,it is nigh on impossible to have him stress free. I have yet,even after all these years,been able to strike the balance between keeping the kids progressing and pushing them beyond what they can handle. It would be easier if what they can handle didn’t vary from day to day,hour to hour. It would also be easier if the were all under ten and not closing in on adulthood.
On the plus side, my thirteen year old has finally worked through his mad and is no longer ticking. I think because we are back to parenting him like he is in grade school and his siblings like they are in Jr High,he is feeling more secure.
I was talking to my oldest this morning about our aborted Night For Us in the B&B. She was telling me that it was really going to suck if we still can’t be gone overnight when he is twenty three and still living at home. Tell me something I don’t know. In a couple of months,we will try again. I would like to be able to leave the house when my kids are in their twenties……
This is coming from the parent who wants to instill independence-not dependence. How does one do that when one has children with FAS/E???

A nasty virus has hit our house. I was the first to fall. I am better today but still punky. My seventeen year old is still sick in bed. Everyone else is staying their distance.

My dad continues to improve. We are very thankful.
My thanks to all who have prayed for him.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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