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Youngest son had his psych evaluation for the new program they are considering him for. I was told it was at 11:30. I was at the appointed place at 11:25 only to find out they held the evaluation without me. I live fifteen minutes away. If they would have given me the new time,I would have been there. I was not a happy camper. I was more than a little annoyed. Damage control was then done by the powers that be. They had a meeting just for me. When I entered the room I had to extend my hand first. I know that may seem petty,but these are supposed to be professionals. We are supposed to be a team. (it would be a first,but in theory anyway,a team we should be) At least neither man gave me a fishy handshake. I was at that point at a bit of an advantage. They screwed up and they now knew I was a parent that cared. Unfortunately,damage had been done.
If this meeting was held without the earlier subterfuge,I would have left feeling somewhat optimistic. At least I felt listened to when it came to behaviors seen at home,and fear for my son’s future if he cannot resolve them.
They asked for my son’s CPS file (the one that isn’t complete) and I told them that if he were accepted into the program,I would allow them access. I was told that I should just bring the file in and I politely told them that I had no intention of having his records floating around detention. If he was accepted,then I would allow access. Several times my intelligence and ability to articulate were complimented. (why??????). I made it clear that we did want our son home as long as it was safe to have him there. Etc,etc….
As I was being walked past the locked doors,I was again apologized to for being bypassed initially. “We didn’t realize you were involved”. Was the reason I was given.
How exactly should that be interpreted?
If at all possible,my husband and I will be together when dealing with those involved. It will cause less chance of misunderstanding.
Court is on Monday. We shall see what we shall see at that time. I am assuming my son will be put in the program. I was told that my son has the honor of being the most disturbed child they are considering. I haven’t been told it is a done deal,however.

School went well for the older two this week. I could tell they actually studied for their tests. My thirteen year old had a very hard week. At one point I had him running up the stairs ten times at a shot. (it was cold and raining -I couldn’t have him bounce on the trampoline). He was either very stuck on his math;or doing it wrong on purpose.His answers made no sense whatsoever. The fourth time I kicked his work back for the same mistakes, I told him he would run the stairs ten times for each wrongly worked problem.
He had no more mistakes.
Imagine that.

My dad is doing a little better. He was able to walk with the walker for the first time on Friday. Please keep praying.

If anyone has adopted after adopting a child as difficult (and potentially dangerous) as my youngest please let me know the good,the bad and the ugly. If you know of where we could get good council on a decision of this magnitude, please let me know.

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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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