christmas eve

It has been fairly busy this week,even though we try to keep the holidays very low key. On Monday we had Christmas with my oldest daughter and her family,then we had Christmas with my middle daughter and her family.Today my middle son and his family are over for Christmas Eve dinner and we will do our Christmas with them. Tomorrow will be very quiet (and kind of sad). My husband and the two older teens have to work all day. It is their busiest day of the year.It will just be my thirteen year old and myself here for most of the day. That is too quiet.
Youngest son will not be here. He will be spending his Christmas on restriction in his facility. So much for his second Christmas with our family and his first bearing our name. As I said,it will be kind of sad.
The kids at home are doing much,much better this week-even miss “I’m an adult now,worship me” has come back down to earth and has been fun to be around.
Even though this is an odd year for us,it will be a good Christmas. We will still get up and open presents in the morning-just earlier than normal. I will still have too much rich food to eat. The kids came through in the end and tried very hard with everyone’s presents. We work hard on the giving aspect of this day as opposed to the receiving aspect.
My four year old grand daughter asked me why we have presents on Christmas. I answered her it was because we are so happy that Baby Jesus was born we want to share our happiness. We can show Jesus how much we love Him by showing our love to others. That satisfied her.
Her two year old brother is insisting that his folks leave out cat food for Santa’s reindeer. He will not be convinced to leave carrots for them. Reindeer eat cat food. He is alright with leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. Two year old little boys are so funny.
Tomorrow when I am here by myself watching my son play his new video games all day (What else would you do if you were thirteen,and had the Wii to yourself for eight hours),I will write more about the spiritual and emotional aspect of Christmas. Today, I am going to bake the cheesecake for tomorrow when my workers come home and get ready for tonights dinner. I have promised my husband not to stress out. I still have presents to wrap. By tradition I finish up between two and three AM on Christmas morning. We will see about this year.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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