a phone call and other things that make one say “huh?’

Youngest called last night. He was cheerful. I asked him why he was calling. It was an honest question. He was exceptionally verbally abusive when I saw him the day before. I was told,quite forcefully how much he hated me and never wanted to see me etc,etc. I am the cause of all his problems, you know.
I asked him what had changed in twenty four hours,that he now wanted to talk to me. He told me “it was different today”. I was “full of sh*t” yesterday. I was trying to embarrass him. I didn’t want him to be” like everyone else”. I was “messed up”. Etc,etc.
Do you notice a trend here?
When he started cussing me in earnest I told him I loved him,but I had no intention of listening to his abuse. I then disconnected.
I honestly do not understand why he bothered to call.
He may want gifts. I will mail him the books we bought him for Christmas. He isn’t going to be thrilled even though they are the titles he asked for. He has moved on to the Twilight series(yes, I know they are romance books) and Mossflower just doesn’t compete.
I have no intention of spending four hours in the car on Saturday to see him just so he can be ugly.
My oldest daughter still at home has had her own version irrational anger at mom. I am assuming her brothers have had enough. They have been almost overly cheerful and attached to us the past twenty-four hours,while she has been surly and ignoring everyone. Her dad finally confronted her on her attitude. She said she was mad at me for lecturing her. She was eighteen and shouldn’t have to listen to the same lectures. Her dad mildly commented that perhaps mom was equally tired of feeling the need to give the same lecture. In effect,she is mad because she got busted and she has consequences. She still does not understand the “why” what she did was wrong. She tends to hold grudges for months. I don’t think I am going to be patient for months of this.
One thing we have noticed, she is not receiving any calls from all her “friends” now she is back to the home phone. The only calls she is receiving are from her one true friend who lives in another state. No one local is inviting her anywhere. Prior to her getting her cell,they did. They are not calling her now. I am afraid I know the reason why.
When the teens fell behind in their school work they lost library privileges. Their dad offered to return any books they had out about a month ago (and every week since). All three vehemently denied having books out. They lied.
Because we are on Christmas vacation,we took everyone to the library yesterday. All three kids had a stack of books to return. My seventeen year olds’ fine was almost eighteen dollars. I did not ask the other two what they had to shell out.
Their stubborn cost them quite a bit this time.
I have no idea what to do about the lying. It comes and goes with their internal stability and occasionally the weather. It annoys me to no end.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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