working through the mad,unable vs unwilling and off to visit

The three here at home are finally working through their mad. I took them shopping for Christmas craft supplies on Saturday which helped. Both boys are doing much,much better. My husband asked my son what happened on his Chemistry test. My son told him he blanked on his math. He just couldn’t remember any of it. I feel bad because I reamed the kids out for not studying. I still think he gave it a glance and a prayer,but I do believe he forgot how to do the math. It has to be frustrating to loose things in your brain like that.
I had yet another long talk (me talking,her staring at me)about my daughter’s poor judgment,potential outcomes and our now inability to trust her. She is off our cell phone plan. She is eighteen and is welcome to buy her own contract,but I will not risk ours. Facebook and it’s ilk is still forbidden. It is forbidden even if she buys her own laptop.I cannot trust her to keep private things private and I canno1 risk her putting information out there that would endanger the rest of the family. (we have a birth father looking for us,actually two;both psychotic) We have to be careful as our last name is known to them both.
I think she is finally understanding,just a little, how much damage she could have done,not only to herself,but to her family. I hope. She is a good kid,just very naive and will do what anyone asks (as long as it isn’t me). She was subdued last night instead of angry and was more herself by bedtime. It is so hard to separate the unable from the unwilling. It is often a combination of the two.
I am glad the kids are more back to normal. We have to travel and visit youngest for family therapy this afternoon. I am bringing him cookies and a couple three books to read. He told me he is reading the Twilight series. I am bringing some Newbery winners for him to read;hopefully instead of teenage girl romance books with glittering vampires. Sorry,for all you fans. I just don’t see the point. We are in our normal conflicted emotional state when we do this stuff. This is therapist number two for this facility and the fifth therapist we have dealt with since our son was arrested last spring. We really don’t hope for much anymore. We are praying that somehow our son will be able to come safely home. It’s hard to tell where his head is at durring a weekly phone call.
It’s time to leave. At least I get to spend some quality time with my husband during the four hours we will spend in the car today. It’s almost a date.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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