I hate confrontation. I really hate it. I especially hate it when it is a new adult (as of tomorrow) who has very limited executive function and holds grudges like there is no tomorrow. It had to be done. I was the one who had to do it. There are just some things a dad shouldn’t have to confront his daughter on. I have no clue if she even understands why what she did is wrong,or why it could impact her later.
She isn’t talking to me.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact youngest son’s new therapist (who is our only liaison at the facility). I have called daily and left increasingly frustrated voice mails. I know she has been at work because she was in the background during our son’s phone call yesterday. We were told (by or son) that his glasses were broken by another boy (actually a group of boys) several days ago during school.He told us he was told the staff was going to repair them. They broke on Monday. He still didn’t have them on Friday. He is also painting the therapist’s new office as a part of his community service-except he has no community service to fulfill. I could hear the therapist in the background,so I am assuming most of what my son said is true. It might not be. That is one of the reason’s I want to talk to his therapist.
I am getting a bit hacked at the lack of communication with our only liaison. I am also concerned that my son hasn’t had his glasses for a week- and we were never notified. In theory he has school each day. It is hard to do your school work without glasses.Speaking of school, my son also told me that his class was watching Young Frankenstein;the Mel Brook’s version. It is a funny movie, but not one I want my sixth grader to watch. He was telling me all the lines that were innuendo over the phone.
If I haven’t gotten a call back from this therapist by next week,I will call my son’s parole officer to see if she can light a fire. If that does not work, I may have to drive south and show up at the doorstep in hopes of finding what is going on.
Did I mention that I hate confrontation?

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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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