cooking marathon today

In just a bit,I will put Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player and commence pie making etc. Poor thirteen year old is the only one home to help me today. He will just have to stomach Mr Darcy as he peels apples and potatoes for me. The other’s are working today. They have to work five days in a row for six to eight hours each day. It will be good for them.
As well as my (in two weeks;where has the time gone?)eighteen year old daughter is doing,I still worry quite a bit over her ability to become fully independent. She has so much trouble devieating from her routine. She flew on Monday. She had me take her to the terminal where we waited. She checked inside and was told the piolot was at the hanger.
“Should you be meeting him at the hanger?” I asked several times over the next twenty minutes.
“No,” was her reply. “We always meet at the terminal”
She then received a phone call asking where in Sam Hill she was (politely). She was to meet at the hanger.
I told her to call me when she returned. Normally, a two hour flight lasts about two and a half hours,I was there to pick her up two hours after I dropped her off assuming I would be waiting for her. She was in early..and never called to tell me. The poor pilot had to wait with her for an additional thirty minutes-his own dinner getting cold. When I asked why she didn’t call, she told me she didn’t think about it.
She has always had trouble with pesky little details like deadlines,cost and where to meet. even if gently-or not so gently- reminded to double check,she still gets stuck on her original thought. She has never been one to let the facts confuse her.
My thirteen year old cannot follow two step instructions this week. All three have been just sitting when I haven’t had them do something specific. When I say just sitting,I mean just sitting. They are in good spirits, just not functioning highly. Chores took over three hours yesterday. They are designed to take about thirty minutes. It is sort of a litmus test as to where they are at.
Surprisingly,the teens do well at work. They seem to be able to hold it together well there. My daughter comes home with the speech patterns of a ten year old,but can yell at cooks and servers all morning to get the food out.
They are for the most part good kids. That is why it hurts to see them struggle cognitively.
Well, it is time to put in P&P and start rolling out pie crust. My goal is to have everything done today. I want tomorrow to be as stress free as possible.

A little Collin Firth for you:

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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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