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The iron was left plugged in and on again last night. That actually means since Tuesday. The culprit rolled his eyes at me when I chewed him out. That did not help my mood.
This morning school started with me giving lecture #302: School-is-your-priority,lecture #286: You-all-have-good-brains-you-are-not-giving-me-your-best, lecture# 81:Don’t-be-afraid-of-success-we-are-not-going-to-quit-being-your-family-just-because-you-grow-up lecture and ended with a recap of all of their individual strengths,how far they have come,and how much they are loved. Whew! If you hadn’t guessed,the quality of their work-which hasn’t been the best this year to begin with- is sliding in the downward direction again. They did admit they weren’t putting much effort into their work. I talked yet again about them beginning to take some personal responsibility for their school.
I can dream.
I was going over my daughters corrections this morning. I realized she did not know what “neutral waters” meant. (studying WWI) I have been working for over seven years to get my kids to simply say “I don’t understand”,or even “could you help me here”. Because my daughter uses language correctly, it is easy to assume she understands what she is saying. Even I who should know better forget. She really doesn’t understand. I forget to check to make sure. I need to get better at remembering.
I broke down and went to the Dr. I will live. I have some pretty antibiotics to take.
I hate going to the Dr.
I talked to youngest son’s therapist today.He is doing fairly well.He is having problems with his peers and she can’t figure out what triggers his anger. I told her that we could never figure it out either. It was,I think, a good conversation. She seems to be picking up an his manipulations. I do not (at this time anyway) get the feeling she is trying to “save him”. That comforts me. To help my son, you have to start where he currently is. Making excuses and minimization his dark side exists,isn’t going to help him. He desperately needs help.
Belt tests for Karate tonight. The kids are nervous (perhaps why school is down the tubes?). This is the first test the older two have stressed about a belt test in a while. They are very good and I do not anticipate them failing.

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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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