mom won (sort of) and a whine

I am pleased to announce my thirteen year old son has resumed normal schooling. He had had two “lets see if mom is paying attention” con attempts. Mom is paying attention. She will figure out you have handed in the same assignment two days running. erasing the 100% smiley face from the day before is not the same as doing today’s assignment-and yes you need to use complete sentences when you book tells you to answer in complete sentences using this weeks vocabulary words. Mom can tell. His other attempt was to pretend he didn’t have a syllabus breaking down his reading for the week. I payed big bucks for the IG for this core. It is a giant blue binder with a big sticker on it. This is the second time this core has been used. I know it exists.
Perhaps I should have given him a couple of consequence for lying etc. I opted to point out he was lying and let him know that he is continuing to betray my trust and I will be checking on all he does as a result. I was pretty matter of fact about it. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. The mysterious pee in Youngest’s,guest,where we are setting up the ironing board and storing the toddler toys room has stopped. It was a simple fix. I shut the door before I go to bed. The dogs,having no opposable thumbs cannot open it. They are also amazingly continent as well.
There are many benefits to homeschooling my FASD scholars. I’ve listed them many times. There are also many frustrations. Today,while checking my almost eighteen year old daughter’s history I learned that the capital of Russia was Slavia, the German’s use of Zeppelins in WWI to bomb targets taught the British how to fly,and other enlightening Information. This is the same daughter who once told me the form of government for post-revolutionary America was a king and Parliament. She is a sweet,hardworking girl. I love her enormously. She does makes me want to bang my head against the wall,though. I will kick back her work and I will get some correct,corrections. She really can do fill in the blank type answers. I will have to explain some other answers. She cannot do much in-depth thinking. Never, ever preface a question with ‘why?”.(unless you like blank, dear-in-the-headlights looks) If you are familiar with classical education at all,she is stuck in the grammar stage with occasional forays into the logic stage.Rhetoric stage may never come. It isn’t for lack of trying; she tries very hard-most of the time.
Now for the anticipated whine.
I am fed up with being sick. I will feel better for a day or two … and then I won’t. I am tired of coughing. I am tired of wheezing. I am tired of being chained to a box of Kleenex. Breathing is rather high on my to-do list. I am ready to be well.
Whine completed.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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One Response to mom won (sort of) and a whine

  1. Lisa Rose says:

    Hope you get always makes things seem worse than they are are! We pray all the time that God will let me get sick THEN Russ,….not at the same time! hehe

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