day three of manual labor school

My yard is looking good. All those pesky weeds have been pulled from the front and the back lawn. (of course,without the weeds,my lawn is less…well there is just less). My baseboards are clean, my floors have been mopped daily,cabinets are cleaned out and my blinds and windows are being cleaned as I type.
Attitudes are still iffy. The positive thing about this son is he will take his consequences. Oh,he will stall, cry and lie about finishing. Think six year old here. He will,however, redo what he is told to redo and eat his peanut butter stoically. I wish he had enough insight to talk about what is really bothering him. We have guesses,of course. But they are just guesses. He is at least smiling some today as he works. I tell very bad jokes and suggest bizarre cleaning tips-such as having my son lift up the dog(45 pounds of fur) to lick the windows instead of using Windex. I tried all yesterday to get him to sing “Sixteen tons and what do you get-another day older and deeper in debt.” Yesterday he would almost crack a smile and catch himself. Today he is at least smiling when I am ridiculous.It’s a start. The other kids are not giving him any sympathy. Everyone is pretending it is just a normal day. My middle daughter and her husband were here and ignored the lip quiver and told him “hi”. My daughter also teased her high school aged siblings by asking them what they needed to get an education for. After all ,they had their jobs in the restaurant. Why would they want something less stressful with better pay? It helps to have the twenty somethings reinforce what is important. They still have the “cool factor”. Parents of course,do not.
If nothing else is accomplished this week,I will at lest have all the annoying detailed chores out of the way for a while. If my son is still refusing to do his school next week,he has three grown siblings that would sacrificially offer their own homes for him to deep clean. They are all supportive like that.
This is in honor of my thirteen year old son:

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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