channeling youngest and this and that

My formerly “good” thirteen year old has decided-for reasons know only to him- to refuse to do any school work. He is lying.He is cheating, (yes,homeschooled children will try and cheat,just because they are homeschooled,doesn’t make them any less children). He is pulling his younger brother’s trick of gorging himself at one meal because he has already planned on refusing to do his work and earning a peanut butter sandwich for his next. He is not doing what chores he’s been assigned, but spending his time doing those things he is not supposed to do. For a good part of the weekend he has been crying and letting the snot run into his mouth (over the beginner mustache floundering on his upper lip). He doesn’t cuss’ He isn’t violent.He can’t quite make himself be that hateful. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a large puddle on my floor if he keeps up, though. This has been gaining momentum through the fall and I have hit the end of my patience with the boy. There comes a point in time when it no longer matters why you have decided to lie and refuse to do your work. You just need to get over it.
There will be no CAP for this son this week. Young men who are not mature enough to do their school and tell the truth, are not old enough to participate in the Civil Air Patrol. Young men who feel they have no need of an education,will have an entire week’s practice doing house and yard work. His siblings are going to be thrilled. That is all work they would have had a share in. Now they can kick back.
I am finally over the worst of whatever crud that was that hit me. I hate getting sick. Normally I just push through.I am of the mindset that if I ignore illness, it will go away. This year everyone is a bit paranoid,so I kept my sick self at home and missed the kids’ Karate tournament and their banquet for CAP. I will admit,it was nice to just hang out on the couch in a quiet house. I just wish I’d been well enough to enjoy it more fully.
Poor me.
Youngest is still sitting in detention. He has seen the dentist.I am told he should be transfered today or tomorrow. I have been told quite a few things,so I will believe it once he has been transported. I haven’t seen him since Friday. Both of us went,which makes visits easier. Our son was in the middle of his emotional range. It is hard to visit with him. He only talks about himself and rarely makes a lot of sense. He tends to jump all over a narrative and talk about nonsense. He also likes to give long and involved excuses about how he wasn’t doing anything wrong when he has gotten in trouble.He has no interest in what happens at the house.He has no areas of interest to talk about. He isn’t interested in talking about anyone else’s interests. He will talk trash about other kids,which we won’t listen to. If we do, it is to point out he does the same behaviors he is so upset about. Most of the time he doesn’t listen to us anyway. It makes for a very long half-hour.
My grandson the destructor is coming for an overnight visit today. His mama and daddy are worn out. He is very,very busy. He is also a hoot. Now that he is closing in on three, he is a lot of fun.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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