hitting the reset button,court and costumed cousins

I think we have finally found the kid’s reset button. On Friday we went hiking and the kids finally relaxed. My thirteen year old was glued to his dad. There is just something about being outdoors that helps reorganize them-and us. It was a beautiful day. I forgot my camera; which really doesn’t matter as I still haven’t found my camera cord. We went to Walmart afterwards so the older teens could purchase shirts for work. Walmart undid the hike. I haven’t seen them that stressed out by a public place in a few years. It was way too much stimulation for them to handle. To undo Walmart, we went to a new (very small) organic food store in town which for some reason they really like. We then browsed Half Price which they also enjoy quite a bit.
When we returned to the house we grilled beef fajitas.
It was the food that finally motivated the boys to finish their school work (the work they have been refusing to do for weeks now). When my thirteen year old was young,he would lie quite often. If you asked him if he was lying,he would tell you, yes. He was a very honest,dishonest child. One of the carrots we used to encourage him to tell the truth was our family favorite-peanut butter sandwich for dinner AKA The Choker.My son would check with me about an hour before supper to see what I was fixing. If it was something he really liked,he would come clean. I would say things like;”Well,those who don’t lie to their mother are having fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Those who lie to their mother are having a choker and a glass of water. Do you have anything to tell me?” He would always tell me “No” and then come back to me about ten minutes later after thinking about fried chicken vs. peanut butter and come clean.
It was the same response this weekend. That boy cracks me up. Talk about being ruled by your stomach…
Because they were finally working, I allowed them to finish and then eat the good food. Normally they would have had until supper and then had yet another yummy peanut butter sandwich and an early bedtime.
To prove what a sap I am, I also allowed the boys to go to their party and give me the labor they earned this afternoon. To their credit,they did not ask to go. They were willing to take their earned consequences without complaint. I think it was that, added to the fact both boys need to be with kids their own age, that made me decide to let them go. The party was well chaperoned, so I could drop them off without worry.
All I know is the kids are much lighter in spirit now.
For that I am grateful.
Tomorrow is court for youngest. His court appointed lawyer has never returned phone calls or e-mail. I am beyond irritated. My son’s councilor did get back to me and told me it looks like the facility that has accepted my son is clean and there are no major complaints or violations at this time. Our county toured it and they were “impressed”. I am somewhat comforted. I have been around the block enough to know that there can still be problems. At least the county is taking my concerns seriousely and checked more thorough than they normally would have. I am very impressed by our county for the most part. Many have gone above and beyond to try and find help for my son. It is beyond ironic that it is the judicial system that is turning cartwheels to get him help. It is not mental health. It is not out states post-adopt services. It is the judicial system. Because the lawyer hasn’t returned any calls, I am not sure if he will be moved or not tomorrow. I hate,hate,hate flying blind like this.

Here is a picture of my grand-babies last night before they went trick-or-treating. (My son said that people were very stingy with their candy this year. He felt so bad at the kids lack of candy,he stopped at the store and bought them some chocolate. He’s a bigger sap than I am.)
You can tell they’re cousins.
cousins 2


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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