nice weekend,not looking forward to tomorrow

We have had a nice weekend. We took the kids to the zoo on Friday. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is we can do things while the rest of the world is at work or in school. The weather was perfect for a zoo day; eighty and sunny. Since we were passing through my oldest daughter’s neck of the woods, we bought a couple of pizzas and ate with them. My grandson is getting big so fast. He is a hairs’ breadth away from walking. He is adorable and highly intelligent (and I am not biased at all) At some point I will find my camera cord and post pictures. I know the blasted thing is around here somewhere…
My daughter and her husband have just purchased a new house and they are having significant problems with it. When I say new, I mean new-they are the first owners. The problems are severe enough they will be seeing a lawyer. Their dream home has just turned into a nightmare.
Yesterday my husband and I spent the whole day together without kids. It was very much needed. We had minimal fallout from being gone. I was surprised it my my nearly eighteen year old who had the issues. It has been a while since she has reacted that way. Usually it is her brother who has problems. She worked herself out of it and everyone went to bed in good moods.
Tomorrow is court for youngest. As of Friday, no facility has agreed to take him. I don’t know if they will hold him over longer in detention or not. I do not like this lawyer as well as his last one,but beggars can’t be choosers. We are just thankful the court appointed him a lawyer. It is not within our means to pay for one ourselves. My troubled son is still trying to manipulate even while in detention. I wish he would stop that. It gets him nowhere. It helps him not at all. All it does is give him yet another excuse to get angry when his attempts are thwarted. I need to see him tonight. The last time I visited him, I left after ten minutes. He was rude. I cannot see spending the whole thirty minutes with him when he is treating me ugly. I’ll try again this afternoon. I would think he is scared with court looming. I will also get to know if he earned his pizza. He said he was maintaining his level to get pizza on Saturday. He didn’t call last night,so He may have earned his pizza and then acted up,or he may just not have called.He has been using his phone calls as control issues and has been using them to try and triangulate from afar. We haven’t been playing along. It doesn’t seem to stop him from trying.
Our grief is coming in waves again. He has so much potential. We just are unable to help him find it.
Tomorrow may be another two weeks in detention,or tomorrow may be sentencing. No one has told us.
The not knowing what to expect is driving me nuts.


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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