keeping on keeping on

I spent the last half of last week concentrating on the kids at home. I have been tweaking their school day in hopes of making things manageable. I think I have most of the kinks worked out-at least for now. School is going better this week.
Youngest has had all his fallout from being cared for while ill at the Academy.My dear son was very rude during is phone call yesterday. He hung up on me. I chose not to visit him last night. I am tired of driving over their to be treated badly. He didn’t earn furlough so he wasn’t home on Saturday either. He also had an allergic reaction to his psych meds. His head shrinker took him off the one and started him on another. I feel like we are playing psychotropic roulette with my son.
He was in rare form for his psychiatrist appointment today. He told his councilor I wouldn’t come. He did admit to her he hung up on me. She told him that she was sure I would come,as I hadn’t missed an appointment yet. Boy did he glare at me when I walked in. If looks could kill, I would be pushing up daisies right now. He did admit he is getting incident reports on purpose. He spent the appointment muttering under his breath and being rude. This is the first time the professionals have seen him without his charm. We ended up ignoring his mini outbursts and talking over him. He was given opportunities to respond appropriately,but chose to go into “gansta mode”. I refuse to listen to his wannabe slang. I did tell him that as long as he spoke in that manner I would have to assume he was incapable of making good choices with friends. He would remain under close supervision until he could show he was capable of choosing good friends.
If I hear “what do you mean” one more time. I may have to hurt someone.
This time his therapist came to the rescue and explained it to him. ” Your mom is telling you that your behavior is having the opposite effect than what you want” (insert “what do you mean” here). “She means that instead of it bothering her,it will keep you from being able to do what you want” (insert glare and muttered threats here). Both the therapist and the psychiatrist told him he was making bad choices. Gee, I wonder if he’s ever been told that before?
He refused to tell me goodbye, even when prompted. I gave him a hug anyway and told him to get over himself. As a matter of fact, I gave him two hugs.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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