He’s back and the great paperwork mystery

Youngest went back to the Academy this morning. He didn’t say good by. Yesterday he hit on all his emotions except rage. He went to bed with attitude. His dad and I heard him pounding on the floor,but thought he was just making noise. He tends to do that when he is agitated. We ignored him. A few minutes later my older son came down stairs and told me he thought his brother wanted me. I was slightly annoyed as I went upstairs;I thought youngest was just being attention seeking. I turned off his alarm and opened his door only to find him bent over his wastebasket with a nose bleed. He was in full fledged panic. It took quite a bit for me to get him to tip his head back so I could pinch off his nose to stop the bleeding. It wasn’t a bad nose bleed,but he had let a lot of blood drip into his wastebasket and it looked worse than it was. It took almost twenty minutes to get him calmed back down. I am assuming the blood triggered something. He was trembling and crying real tears. He let me pet his head and rub his back. Eventually he crawled up into my lap. I rocked him and sang him the songs I sing to the little ones. He melted into my arms. He was speaking in his little boy voice as I finally tucked him into bed. He was a 96 pound three year old.
I’ve always enjoyed three year olds.
I received an e-mail from youngest’s old worker. The paperwork I received was complete,said she. There were no missing records.
I again asked her to locate the misplaced files. I was specific in what was missing (an entire year and a half is completely missing,all the foster parent logs and all of the psych records). I am going on the assumption this is a simple mix up-at least for now. I am not happy. The first thought that crosses our minds is: What is being covered up? It is also possible we are just dealing with incompetence. In either event, we are expected to somehow fix twelve years of abuse and neglect with our hands tied behind our back,and our eyes blindfolded.
Note to self: If we ever adopt again and the file is not complete-run away!
I am not a miracle worker. My husband is not a faith healer. We are just a mom and dad trying to help our troubled son. To have a chance at doing that successfully it would be nice to have all the information that is available. Why must CPS make is so darned difficult for the adoptive parent? It is beyond frustrating!

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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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