a peanut butter sandwich kind of day

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My thirteen year old is doing his version of rebellion . Yesterday he had a decent school day. Yesterday he did his work and had a good attitude-all three of them did. Today it is nearly three-thirty and he is still on his third subject. This morning he tried to palm his vitamins. He is refusing to drink water. It is beginning to get on my last nerve.
I have had the audacity to be sick. I know, I’m not allowed weakness. This morning I finally went to the doctor. While I was gone my thirteen year old did nothing;and then lied about it. He continued to do nothing for two more hours. I took him with me to the pharmacy. His brother and sister aren’t keeping him on track. I have no intention leaving a lier home unattended. I did try talking to him and got the GLARE in response. He ended up with a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. He did drink a little bit of water.
It has been two years since this son earned a choker (peanut butter sandwich). Two years. I am even considering manual labor school for him if he doesn’t change his attitude soon. This is not a “can’t” moment. This is most definitely a “won’t” moment. Parents of FAS kiddos know exactly what I mean.
Not one of the three have asked why I went to the doctor,or if I feel bad etc. Once upon a time they honestly never noticed-even if I was sick with a 102 fever. For the last year and a half they have noticed when I’ve been under the weather. Now they are not noticing again; except as an opportunity to be furtive.
I have not one clue why there is this change in my children.
I suppose I had better figure it out.
They will never tell me what is wrong.
I hope they get this out of their system before youngest comes home in seven weeks (and yes,that may be part of it). I do not want all four actively lying, refusing simple requests and being furtive.
I feel like I have a resurgence of preschooler attention seeking in hormone filled adolescent bodies.
It isn’t pretty.
At least they are quiet about their rebellion. It could be much worse.
(and louder).


About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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