to be a gangster

My youngest son has a goal. At least that is how it appears to the adults. He wants to be a gangster. He has always been drawn to the criminal element. Now he has some role models up close and personal. He thinks he looks tough. He looks silly;like a little boy wearing his daddy’s shoes.
And boy-howdy is he angry.
In case you couldn’t guess,today was family counseling day. To say it was intense would be an enormous understatement. There was some good that came out of the session. My son’s councilor is going to request he be taken off the Concerta. She also went online and looked up RAD.
“A lot of the information and interventions are contradictory” she told us.
Yes,yes they are.
At least she is trying to understand my son. That has to count for something. She doesn’t read him all that well. He has to be almost boiling over before she realizes he is mad.
My son is peeing on the floor now. He smelled of urine when he came in. He,of course, denies peeing on the floor. Unfortunately,the staff has reported it. I do not see why they would lie.
He also is in the canine program. He seems to really enjoy it. We are hoping he can gain some benefit from it. It looks to be very good.
He did not make his phone call home last night. This is the first call he has missed since he has been incarcerated. His excuse was he had to iron his uniform. He only gets five minutes on the phone. I think he could have taken time out of his busy schedule to call.
It is the absent phone call as well as his new language skills and body language that have us concerned he has made a conscious choice for the dark side (gangs).
That and his hostility during the session.
He said two things that may,or may not mean a shadow of progress. The first is he does get a “rush” from his anger. The second is he can remember everything that has happened to him and for that reason will remain angry.
It was a two hour session. Youngest left angry. (how dare we love him and want the best for him). I left with a migraine. My husband left exhausted. The counselor said “Wow! that was intense!”


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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