i’ve been busy and some maternal pride

I’ve been busy this week. I actually have almost all of my to-do-before-school list completed. I have also kept the grandkids overnight. (two separate nights-I no longer attempt the two two year olds at the same time). I enjoyed keeping the grand babies. They are each so different in personality and temperament. They crack me up.
My seventeen year old is home! We spent a good portion of the day in the car going to get her and then of course bringing her home. she had a wonderful time and handled herself just fine during her plane changes. It is good to have her home. I felt overwhelmed with testosterone during her absence. The two boys at home just don’t have much to say. I missed my daughters chatter.
My oldest daughter and her husband have sold their house and have purchased another one and will be doing the trying to do the close-two-houses-on-the-same-day-trick in two weeks. Their little one is furniture cruising and baby babbling up a storm. They grow so fast.
Speaking of grandchildren,we are going to be having another grandchild! My middle daughter is expecting her second child early next spring! Financially things couldn’t be tougher for them. Even so, they are very happy to be growing a new life. We are praying for a healthy pregnancy,a safe delivery of a healthy baby and some financial relief. We are also hoping for a little girl. When my four year old granddaughter found out her aunt was expecting she asked wistfully,”Is it a girl baby?” She is the only girl of this generation and is feeling a bit outnumbered.
I am struck ,as I watch the grown kids parent, with how well they are doing with their children. I am proud of their commitment to their children and to their spouses. All three have all had some very tough times and are still going forward. This is as it should be.
I have nine children. Seven of them have lived in various forms of hell. Two grew up with a bipolar mother with visits to sanity every other weekend. Of the nine,only one refuses to go forward. Youngest still wallows in his pain (His pain is real. I am not discounting the reality of the hell he has been through. His horror is still defining him. He must begin to move past it,or he is damned to repeat it.)
Eight are doing well. They are working hard. They are loving. They are empathetic. They try (most of the time) very hard to do their personal best. Those that haven’t lived through trauma may not see all the successes we see. Those who haven’t been horrifically abused or abandoned may not see loving a child or being committed to a spouse as a big deal.They may not see leading a squad of cadets or even going to a karate tournament as a big deal. But it is a big deal. All of it is a very big deal. The effort for them to get to this point was and is tremendous.
I am very proud to be their mother.

About lenell

Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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