books and backlash

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I have placed my orders for this years school curriculum. As always, the sticker was shocking. To make me feel better,my husband and I looked up the tuition at several local private schools. It has been a few years since I have had friends with kids in private school,so I was unaware of the current costs involved.
Now those costs were shocking!
The cost for three,seventh grader,eleventh grader and twelfth grader to attend one of the lower cost schools was over $35,000.00. The cost of the textbooks alone was double what I just spent for this years school.We tried two schools that do not even list their tuition on line. If you have to ask…… We priced one of the best schools in town and were really in for a shock. Basic tuition was $20,000.00 per student. Books,fees and extra curricular was all substantially more. We, of course, did not factor in uniform cost, meals or transportation.
I have saved my family any where from $34,000.00 to $ 80,000.00 depending on whether the kids would attend a decent school, or a prestigious the- children- of presidents- have- attended- here school.
I feel much better now.

Youngest is suffering from a severe case of backlash. He has had many sanctions today. He was unable to even pretend to have a conversation during his phone call. He was fidgeting and doing his self soothing by rubbing his eyes and twisting his ears during my visit with him. He couldn’t sustain even a conversation about himself very well. Eye contact was non-existent. If he were home,I would be treading very carefully and thinking about sending him to bed early. Just living is hard for him when he is like this. He has a tendency to blow if it goes on for very long.
It breaks my heart,to tell the truth. What was done to him to create this much fear and loathing;this much anger?
I am thankful a staff of many will be handling him for the next couple of days. There is strength in numbers. At home there is just us. Most of the time, just me and the other kids.
I wish someone would be able to tell me to do A,B or C and my son would be on his way to healing. Heck, I will try X,Y and Z if that will help. So far,the “experts” have been just as clueless as we are.
We are in desperate need of a miracle.


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Wife to a very patient man and mom to 8 interesting kids via birth,marriage and adoption. Grandma to nearly 5,nearly perfect grandchildren.
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